COS 175 - Communities: Spatial Patterns And Environmental Gradients V

Friday, August 11, 2017: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
C120-121, Oregon Convention Center
8:00 AM
 Drought-stress shapes macroscale patterns of lineage diversity in tropical tree communities
Danilo Neves, University of Arizona; Kyle G. Dexter, University of Edinburgh; Toby Pennington, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh; Timothy Baker, University of Leeds; Fernanda Coelho de Souza, University of Leeds; Ary T. Oliveira-Filho, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
8:20 AM
 Tree cover response to rainfall intensity in African savannas varies with soil texture
Madelon F. Case, Yale University; A. Carla Staver, Yale University
8:40 AM
 Detecting spatial regimes in ecosystems
Shana M. Sundstrom, University of Nebraska; Tarsha Eason, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; R. John Nelson, University of Victoria; David Angeler, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; Chris Barichievy, Zoological Society of London; Ahjond Garmestani, US Environmental Protection Agency; Nicholas A.J. Graham, Lancaster University; Dean Granholm, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; Lance Gunderson, Emory University; Melinda Knutson, Region 3 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; Kirsty Nash, University of Tasmania; Trisha Spanbauer, US Environmental Protection Agency; Craig Stow, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Craig R. Allen, University of Nebraska
9:00 AM
 Variation in plant soil feedbacks correlate to spatial variation in long term community stability in the field
Y. Anny Chung, University of New Mexico; Jennifer Rudgers, University of New Mexico
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Tiny epiphytes on tall trees: What factors drive epiphyte community composition?
Rikke Reese Næsborg, Save the Redwoods League; Cameron B. Williams, Franklin and Marshall College
10:10 AM
 Spatial heterogeneity in nutrient transport and propagule dispersal decouples synchrony and stability in trophic metacommunities
Diana L. Townsend, Marine Science Center, Northeastern University; Tarik C. Gouhier, Northeastern University
10:50 AM
 Community assembly of wood-dwelling fungi: Role of measured and missing drivers
Marissa R. Lee, The George Washington University; Brendan Choat, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, Western Sydney University; Will K. Cornwell, University of New South Wales; Peter B. Reich, University of Minnesota; Jessica Rigg, University of Western Sydney; Brad Oberle, New College of Florida; Jeff R. Powell, University of Western Sydney; Amy E. Zanne, The George Washington University
11:10 AM
 Beta-diversity and shared species in permanent and ephemeral wetland plant communities
Amanda Little, University of Wisconsin-Stout; James Church, La Salle University
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