COS 152 - Communities: Disturbance And Recovery IV

Thursday, August 10, 2017: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
B112, Oregon Convention Center
1:30 PM
 Recovery of zooplankton communities following whole-lake disturbance
Brian N. McGann, Portland State University; Angela L. Strecker, Portland State University
1:50 PM
 Effects of fire severity on herbaceous plant biodiversity
Jesse E. D. Miller, University of California, Davis; Hugh D. Safford, Regional Ecologist, USDA Forest Service
2:10 PM
 Stable isotope-based tools to understand the effect of trawling ban on crustacean community in coastal waters of Hong Kong
Lily S.R. Tao, The University of Hong Kong; Yanny K.Y. Mak, The University of Hong Kong; Matthew Perkins, The University of Hong Kong; Kevin K.Y. Ho, The University of Hong Kong; William W.L. Cheung, University of British Columbia; Kenneth M.Y. Leung, The University of Hong Kong
2:30 PM
 Effects of massive seagrass loss on abundance and habitat use patterns of a marine megafauna community
Robert J. Nowicki, Florida International University; Derek A. Burkholder, Florida International University; Michael R. Heithaus, Florida International University; Jordan Thomson, Florida International University; Kirk Gastrich, Florida International University; Aaron Wirsing, College of Forest Resources, University of Washington
2:50 PM
 A perfect storm: Multiple stressors interact to drive postfire regeneration failure of lodgepole pine and Douglas-fir forests in Yellowstone
Winslow Hansen, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Kristin H. Braziunas, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Werner Rammer, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) Vienna; Rupert Seidl, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) Vienna; Monica G. Turner, University of Wisconsin, Madison
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Characteristics of rocky reefs with high fish biomass across the Southern California Bight
Susan E. Piacenza, Occidental College; Jeremy T. Claisse, California State Polytechnic University - Pomona; Daniel J. Pondella, Occidental College; Jennifer E. Caselle, University of California, Santa Barbara; Amanda J. Zellmer, Occidental College; Jonathan P. Williams, Occidental College; Chelsea M. Williams, Occidental College
3:40 PM
 Mite-y connections: Community response to disturbance shifts with landscape connectivity in complex communities
Nancy Shackelford, Mitacs; Rachel J. Standish, Murdoch University; Zoƫ Lindo, University of Western Ontario; Brian M. Starzomski, Hakai Institute
4:00 PM
 The influence of spatial context and successional pathways on bird communities following high-severity wildfire
Zachary L. Steel, UC Davis; Alissa Fogg, Point Blue Conservation Science; Ryan Burnett, Point Blue Conservation Science
4:20 PM
 Phylogenetic diversity affects community resistance and resilience
Qianna Xu, Georgia Institute of Technology; Jiaqi Tan, Georgia Institute of Technology; Xian Yang, Georgia Institute of Technology; Shaopeng Li, Georgia Institute of Technology; Lin Jiang, Georgia Institute of Technology
4:40 PM
 Taxonomic and functional turnover following extreme flood disturbance in stream insect communities
Erin I. Larson, Cornell University; LeRoy Poff, Colorado State University; Scott Morton, Colorado State University; Rachel Harrington, U.S. EPA; Boris Kondratieff, Colorado State University; Alexander S. Flecker, Cornell University
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