COS 96 - Urban Ecosystems IV

Wednesday, August 9, 2017: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
E146, Oregon Convention Center
8:00 AM
 Context is key: Multiple effects of urbanization drive riparian canopy expansion in Sacramento, California
Joanna P. Solins, University of California, Davis; Mary L. Cadenasso, University of California, Davis
8:20 AM
 Urban agriculture supports diverse wild bee communities in Detroit, St. Louis and Chicago: A social science and ecological approach
Rebecca K. Tonietto, St. Louis University; Kelly Garbach, Point Blue Conservation; Michael Arduser, Missouri Department of Conservation (retired); Damon Hall, Saint Louis University; Paul Gobster, United States Forest Service; Gerardo Camilo, Saint Louis University
8:40 AM
 Is the future of cities green? Historical perspectives on urban greening reveal priorities for landscape management
Dieter F. Hochuli, The University of Sydney; Caragh Threlfall, University of Melbourne
9:00 AM
 Urbanization impacts on epiphytic nitrogen cycling in Acer macrophyllum stands in the Pacific Northwest
Amanda L. Bidwell, University of Washington; Thomas H. DeLuca, University of Washington; Sean T. Callahan, University of Washington
9:20 AM
 Allergenic pollen in cities: Using remote sensing to determine source plant locations
Daniel W. Katz, University of Michigan; Stuart Batterman, University of Michigan
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Shifts in environmental values and terminology through global UN Habitat manifestos 1976-2016
Dave Kendal, The University of Melbourne; Thomas Elmqvist, Stockholm University; Christopher D. Ives, University of Nottingham; Melanie Lowe, RMIT University; Kathryn Bowen, Australian National University
10:10 AM
 Functional and phylogenetic structure of urban wild bee communities
Garland Xie, University of Toronto Scarborough; J. Scott MacIvor, University of Toronto Scarborough; Kelly Carscadden, University of Colorado Boulder; Nicholas Sookhan, University of Toronto Scarborough; Marc W. Cadotte, University of Toronto
10:30 AM
 Green well-being: A study of the perceived benefits of ecological parks in Puerto Rico
Stephanie Cruz Maysonet, University of Puerto Rico -Río Piedras; Arturo Torrecilla, University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras
10:50 AM
 Traits to select green roof plants which can achieve high water use for stormwater management and survive drought
Claire Farrell, The University of Melbourne; Christopher Szota, The University of Melbourne; Stefan K. Arndt, The University of Melbourne; Nicholas S. G. Williams, University of Melbourne
11:10 AM
 Linking climate, water resources and landscape function in Oklahoma City
Heather R. McCarthy, University of Oklahoma; Tracy Boyer, Oklahoma State University; Monika Ghimire, Oklahoma State University; Peter Kedron, Oklahoma State University; Jennifer Koch, University of Oklahoma; Xiangming Xiao, University of Oklahoma; Qingtao Zhou, University of Oklahoma
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