COS 71 - Trophic Dynamics And Interactions III

Tuesday, August 8, 2017: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
E142, Oregon Convention Center
1:30 PM
 The community ecology of bears in salmon ecosystems
Taal Levi, Oregon State University; Yasaman Shakeri, Oregon State University; Laurie Harrer, Oregon State University
1:50 PM
 Exploring bioeconomic exploitation using human-natural network models of fishery ecosystems
Hongseok Ko, University of Arizona; Kehinde R. Salau, University of Arizona; Perrine Tonin, Pacific Ecoinformatics and Computational Ecology Lab; Neo D. Martinez, University of Arizona
2:10 PM
 Temporal variation in trophic cascades driven by seaweed subsidies
Jonah Piovia-Scott, Washington State University, Vancouver; Louie H. Yang, University of California, Davis; Amber N. Wright, University of Hawaii at Manoa; David A. Spiller, University of California, Davis; Thomas W. Schoener, University of California, Davis
2:30 PM
 An investigation of pathogen-induced indirect effects on primary production in an aquatic system
Carmen C. Harjoe, Oregon State University; Julia C. Buck, University of California Santa Barbara; Deanna H. Olson, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station; Andrew R. Blaustein, Oregon State University
2:50 PM
 Land use change alters the composition of arthropods consumed by birds in Costa Rica
J. Nicholas Hendershot, Stanford University; Chase D. Mendenhall, Stanford University; Jeffrey R. Smith, Stanford University; Gretchen C. Daily, Stanford University; Tadashi Fukami, Stanford University
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Climate driven changes in the timing of grazing alters greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, CH4 and N2O) from Alaskan coastal tundra
Katharine C. Kelsey, University of Alaska-Anchorage; A. Joshua Leffler, South Dakota State University; Karen H. Beard, Utah State University; Ryan T. Choi, Utah State University; Jeffrey M. Welker, University of Alaska Anchorage
3:40 PM
 The consequences of altered precipitation patterns for species interactions
Patrick Grof-Tisza, University of California, Davis; Marcel Holyoak, University of California, Davis; Rick Karban, University of California at Davis
4:20 PM
 Diversity does not always beget diversity: multiple herbivore guilds combine to contribute to the maintenance of low woody diversity in an African savanna ecosystem
Grace K. Charles, University of California, Davis; Truman P. Young, University of California, Davis; Duncan M. Kimuyu, Karatina University; Corinna Riginos, University of Wyoming; Kari E. Veblen, Utah State University
4:40 PM
 Ecological doom and evolutionary rescue during epidemics with dilution and host competition: A perspective via interaction strengths, cryptic dynamics, and rapid trait evolution
Spencer R. Hall, Indiana University; Alexander T. Strauss, Indiana University; Jessica L. Hite, Indiana University; Marta S. Shocket, Indiana University; Meghan A. Duffy, University of Michigan; Carla E. Cáceres, University of Illinois
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