PS 64 - Latebreaking: Aquatic Ecology

Friday, August 11, 2017: 8:30 AM-10:30 AM
Exhibit Hall, Oregon Convention Center
 Oviposition behaviour leads to differential winter survival and hatching phenology of eggs in Sympetrum dragonflies
Rosemary L. Martin, University of Toronto at Mississauga; Shannon J. McCauley, University of Toronto Mississauga
 Detection of an endangered aquatic heteropteran using environmental DNA in a wetland ecosystem
Izumi Katano, Nara Women's University; Hideyuki Doi, University of Hyogo; Yusuke Sakata, University of Hyogo; Rio Souma, University of Hyogo; Toshihiro Kosuge, Pacific Consultants Co., LTD.,; Mariko Nagano, University of Hyogo; Kousuke Ikeda, Pacific Consultants Co., LTD.,; Koki Yano, Shinshu University; Koji Tojo, Shinshu University
 Going with the flow: The effect of flow rate on caddisfly case building performance
Morgan A. Clark, Pepperdine University; Javier Monzón, Pepperdine University
 Ecological impacts of dam diversions on the Upper Eel Mainstem
Lara S. Jansen, Humboldt State University; Alison O'Dowd, Humboldt State University
 Seasonal variation in carbon and nutrient mobility in forested, low-order streams of the western Olympic Peninsula
Rebekah Korenowsky, The Evergreen State College; Erin Martin, The Evergreen State College; Teodora Minkova, Washington State Department of Natural Resources
 The lotic freshwater column contains abundant and diverse fungal sequences at a potentially unexpected size fraction and depth
Erick S. LeBrun, Baylor University; Ryan S. King, Baylor University; D. Lee Taylor, University of New Mexico; Jeffrey A. Back, Baylor University; Sanghoon Kang, Baylor University
 The effects of a common herbicide (atrazine) on juvenile crayfish growth and development
Nathan T. Chandler, Liberty University; Austin M. Minuto, Liberty University; Kyle Harris, Liberty University
 Conservation of western pond turtles in a changing world
Milo W. Kovet, Sacramento State University; Alberto Aguilar, Sacramento State University, CA; Michelle L. Stevens, California State University
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