PS 66 - Latebreaking: Biodiversity

Friday, August 11, 2017: 8:30 AM-10:30 AM
Exhibit Hall, Oregon Convention Center
 Endangered and invaders: Can introduced species replace lost biodiversity?
Alexander Y. Karatayev, Buffalo State College; Lyubov E. Burlakova, Buffalo State College; Dianna K. Padilla, Stony Brook University
 Genome downsizing drove physiological novelty and the rise of the flowering plants
Kevin Simonin, San Francisco State University; Adam B. Roddy, Yale University
 Gut microbial diversity, metabolism and dietary niche of arboreal folivorous rodents
An-Chi Cheng, National Taiwan University; Po-Yu Liu, National Taiwan University and Academia Sinica; Shiao-Wei Huang, National Taiwan University; Tatsuo Oshida, Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine; Hon-Tsen Yu, National Taiwan University
 Idiosyncrasies in cities: Challenging the assumptions of biodiversity loss in urban environments
Abe Perez, Case Western Reserve University; Yu Huan, Case Western Reserve University; Bethany Lutter, Case Western Reserve University; Sarah E. Diamond, Case Western Reserve University
 Diversity of fungal needle endophytes of Pinus ponderosa
Jaimie Kenney, Eastern Washington University; Rachael Hamby, Eastern Washington University; Larissa Severance, Eastern Washington University; Suzanne Schwab, Eastern Washington University; Krisztian Magori, Eastern Washington University
 Global warming and climate change impacts in the United States: An empirical approach
Ngan T. Nguyen, Claflin University; Kareem A. Heslop, Claflin University; Abdullah M. Khan, Claflin University; Belinda Wheeler, Claflin University
 How does aquatic invertebrate community structure and fuctional trait diversity change in the absence of natural flows?
David B. DuBose, Oregon State University; Laura E. McMullen, Oregon State University; Jonathan D. Tonkin, Oregon State University; David A. Lytle, Oregon State University
 Migration and ecophysiological traits of coastal plants: Implications of adaptability to rising sea levels
Alina F. Bonto, Whittier College; Cheryl Swift, Whittier College; Loretta Battaglia, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
 Changes in potential bird communities associated with climate shifts over 50 years
Max Henschell, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Brooke L. Bateman, National Audubon Society; Anna M. Pidgeon, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Volker C. Radeloff, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Andrew J. Allstadt, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Patricia Heglund, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
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