PS 89 - Latebreaking: Urban Ecosystems

Friday, August 11, 2017: 8:30 AM-10:30 AM
Exhibit Hall, Oregon Convention Center
 Survival and cover distribution of sedum species on an urban green roof in the Rocky Mountain region
Christopher G. Meloche, Metropolitan State Unversity of Colorado; Jenessa R. Fischer, Metropolitan State Unversity of Colorado; Erik R. Vazquez, Metropolitan State Unversity of Colorado
 Assessment of the current state of the field of urban ecology and its alignment with the information needs of municipal sustainability workers
Michael L. Simeon, University of St. Thomas; Maria Dahmus, University of St. Thomas; Jane Feely, University of St. Thomas; Claire Spangenberg, University of St. Thomas; Gaston E. Small, University of St. Thomas
 The Urban Biodiversity Inventory Framework
Leslie L. Bliss-Ketchum, Samara Group LLC; Jalene Littlejohn, Samara Group LLC
 Assemblages of bats (Chiroptera) in the urbanized Rio Piedras Watershed, Puerto Rico
José A. Rivera Meléndez, Metropolitan University-Cupey; Miguel A. García Bermúdez, Caribbean Landscape Conservation Cooperative
 Relationships between ecosystem metabolism and water quality: A case study from the canal system in Phoenix, AZ
Kathrine L. Kemmitt, Arizona State University; Marina D. Lauck, Arizona State University; Nancy B. Grimm, Arizona State University; Paul K. Westerhoff, Arizona State University; Peter Fox, Arizona State University
 Assessing the nutrient imbalance from compost application in urban agriculture
Katherine R. Connelly, University of St. Thomas; Brittany Allen, University of St. Thomas; Cam Miller, University of St. Thomas; Dalma Martinović, University of St. Thomas; Adam D. Kay, University of St. Thomas; Leah M. Domine, University of St. Thomas; Gaston E. Small, University of St. Thomas
 Variation of urban radiation reduction due to urban vegetation expansion
Chae Yeon Park, Seoul National University; Dong Kun Lee, Seoul National University
 A fine-scale characterization of the avian community in a residential neighborhood of Columbus, OH using autonomous acoustic recorders
David M. Wituszynski, The Ohio State University; Donald Hayford, Columbus Innovations, LLC; Angelika Nelson, Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics, The Ohio State University; Jay Martin, The Ohio State University
 Differences in arthropod abundance and diversity in agroecosystems along an urban-rural gradient
Desiree Wickwar, Westminster College; Mena Davidson, Westminster College; Ross K. Wagstaff, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Sam E. Wortman, University of Nebraska–Lincoln; Christine A. Clay, Westminster College
 Plant growth and arbuscular mycorrhizae in heavy metal contaminated Liberty State Park soils
Jennifer R. Balacco, Montclair State University; Bhagyashree Vaidya, Montclair State University; Nina Goodey, Montclair State University; Jennifer Adams Krumins, Montclair State University
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