Thursday, August 9, 2007 - 10:30 AM

OOS 39-8: The climate, community, and biodiversity standards: A tool for designing and evaluating multiple-benefit forestry projects

Toby Janson-Smith, Director, Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance

The presentation will introduce the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards as the leading tool for designing and evaluating forestry projects that help mitigate climate change, conserve biodiversity and support sustainable livelihoods.  The development of these Standards was spearheaded by an alliance of conservation groups, tropical research institutes and companies, including Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, Wildlife Conservation Society, CATIE, CIFOR, ICRAF, Weyerhaeuser, Intel and BP.  Lessons learned from the application of the Standards to tropical forest restoration projects will also be shared.  Finally, there will be a discussion about the key policy and market forces driving the widespread implementation of such projects, and predictions regarding where these may be headed.