Tuesday, August 7, 2007: 5:00 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Halls 1 and 2, San Jose McEnery Convention Center
PS 24 - Decompostition
Effects of ultraviolet radiation on the early stages of litter decomposition in three contrasting grassland ecosystems
Leslie Brandt, University of Minnesota, Jennifer Y. King, University of Minnesota, Daniel G. Milchunas, Colorado State University, Robert Sinsabaugh, University of New Mexico, Sarah E. Hobbie, University of Minnesota, William J. Parton, Colorado State University
Comparison of decomposition rates in Arctic tundra in response to increased nutrient availability and air temperature
Heather M. Rueth, Grand Valley State University, Gaius Shaver, MBL, James A. Laundre, MBL
Interannual climate variation influences Quercus spp, but not Acer rubrum, leaf litter decomposition in a mixed-oak forest
Jared L. DeForest, Ohio University, Jiquan Chen, University of Toledo
The role of soil organisms controlling aboveground litter decomposition in the semiarid Patagonian steppe, Argentina
Patricia I. Araujo, University of Buenos Aires, Amy T. Austin, University of Buenos Aires
Effects of carbon quality additions on soil enzymatic activity and litter decomposition in a mixed southern beech forest in Patagonia, Argentina
Marina Gonzalez-Polo, University of Buenos Aires, Amy T. Austin, University of Buenos Aires
Differences in litter quality among fine root orders may lead to variability in root decomposition rates in a Pinus palustris forest
Noah A. Jansen, University of Florida/Jones Ecological Research Center, Robert J. Mitchell, Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center, Shibu Jose, University of Florida
Fine root decomposition in ponderosa pine forests
Valerie J. Kurth, Northern Arizona University, Kevin C. Grady, University of California - Davis, Stephen C. Hart, Northern Arizona University

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