Thursday, August 9, 2007: 5:00 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Halls 1 and 2, San Jose McEnery Convention Center
PS 56 - Agriculture
The future of trees in La Sepultura Biosphere Reserve buffer zone, Chiapas, Mexico: Woody cover and sapling recruitment in a silvo-pastoral landscape
Colibrí Sanfiorenzo-Barnhard, University of Puerto Rico- Río Piedras, Luis García-Barrios Sr., El Colegio de la Frontera Sur, Neptalí Ramírez-Marcial, El Colegio de la Frontera Sur, Romeo J. Trujillo-Vázquez, El Colegio de la Frontera Sur, Elvia Meléndez-Ackerman, Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS)
Efficiency and ecological impacts of biofuels
Dolaporn Novem Auyeung, University of Massachusetts, Melinda Gammon, University of Massachusetts, Heather Charles, University of Massachusetts, Benjamin Ramage, University of California, Jeffrey Dukes, University of Massachusetts
Dissolved organic carbon losses from rice agroecosystems under various straw and water management practices
Matthew D. Ruark, University of California-Davis, Bruce A Linquist, University of California-Davis, Chris van Kessel, University of California-Davis, Johan Six, University of California-Davis, Chris A Greer, University of California-Davis, Randall G Mutters, University of California-Davis, Jim E Hill, University of California-Davis
Vineyard floor management: Effects on soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics
Kerri L. Steenwerth, USDA-ARS
Changes in strength and direction of weed and crop-soil feedbacks as a function of fertilizer and soil pasteurization
MaryClare Rollins, Montana State University, Richard G. Smith, USDA-ARS, Fabian Menalled, Montana State University
Long-term impact of reduced tillage and residue management on soil carbon stabilization
Pauline P. Chivenge, University of California, Herbert K. Murwira, TSBF-CIAT, Ken E. Giller, Wageningen University, Paul Mapfumo, University of Zimbabwe, Johan Six, University of California
Effect of phosphorus substrate amendment on arsenic uptake and translocation in shrub willow (Salix spp)
Emily E. Pulley, State University of New York- College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Lawrence B. Smart, State University of New York- College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Jason J. Purdy, State University of New York- College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Cover crop effects on natural enemies of the Colorado potato beetle
Zsofia Szendrei, United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Daniel L. Rowley, United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Donald C. Weber, United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service
Microhabitat selection and movements of harvestmen (Opiliones: Phalangida) in gardens
Timothy J. Bankroff, Miami University, Alan B. Cady, Miami University
Restoring ecological balance to orchard insect pest management
Mark W. Brown, Appalachian Fruit Research Station, Clarissa R. Mathews, Shepherd University
Achieving restoration goals while reducing regulatory and pest burdens on farmers and stakeholders
Kristen Strohm, EDAW, Inc., Ron L. Unger, EDAW, Inc., Tracy Walker, EDAW, Inc., Melanie Allen Truan, University of California, Davis
Increasing the pest control services provided by flowering plants in agroecosystems
Anna K. Fiedler, Michigan State University, Doug A. Landis, Michigan State University
Make way for maggots: The landscape ecology of aphid predators in California broccoli
Rebecca Chaplin-Kramer, University of California, Berkeley, Claire Kremen, University of California, Berkeley
A comparison of avian ectoparasite populations found in four different habitats of the coffee agroecosystem of Chiapas, Mexico
Katherine E. Goodall, University of Michigan, Ivette Perfecto, University of Michigan, Johannes Foufopoulos, University of Michigan
Foraging behavior and food resources of forest-associated birds in coffee agroecosystems
Casey L. Taylor, University of Michigan, Ivette Perfecto, University of Michigan
Relationships of random roughness and soil depression storage on coffee farms of varying shade levels
Brenda B. Lin, The Earth Institute at Columbia University, Paul L. Richards Jr., SUNY Brockport
Bird predation decreases arthropod abundance and biomass in three coffee farms in the Blue Mountains, Jamaica
Natalie J. Levy, University of California Berkeley, Matthew D. Johnson, Humboldt State University
Comparing the demography of a forest herb, Trillium grandiflorum, in hedgerow corridors and forest patches
Reto Schmucki, McGill University, Sylvie deBlois, McGill University
Vinecology: A partnership to better understand the ecology of vineyards and surrounding working landscapes
Joshua H. Viers, University of California, Davis, T. Rodd Kelsey, Audubon California
Effect of priming, water stress, and mulch on the survival of Dodonaea viscosa (L) Jacq. for ecological restoration in Mexico
Eréndira Araiza-Ramírez, Instituto de Ecologia, Alma Orozco-Segovia, Instituto de Ecologia, Víctor L. Barradas, Instituto de Ecologia
Extractivism of non-timber forest resources in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest: the Rumohra adiantiformis (G. Forest) Ching case
Jorge E. A. Suárez, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Lovois A. Miguel, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Gabriela C. Souza, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Species composition changes after three years of goat grazing exclosure in the Tenerife pastures
José Ramón Arévalo, Universidad de La Laguna, Lea de Nascimento, Universidad de La Laguna, Celia García, Universidad de La Laguna, Eduardo Chinea, Universidad de La Laguna, Silvia Fernández, Universidad de La Laguna
Influence of grazing on the spatial heterogeneity of soil-surface temperature
Ryan Limb, Oklahoma State University, Samuel D. Fuhlendorf, Oklahoma State University, Darrel E. Townsend, Grand River Dam Authority
Soil respiration and N2O emissions under patches dominated by Cand C4 grasses, and forbs in the short-grass steppe: Influence of fungal and bacterial activity
Eliana E. Bontti, Graduate Degree Program in Ecology Colorado State University, Indy C. Burke, Natural Resources Ecology Lab. (NREL), Colorado State University
High-impact grazing increases soil nutrient supply and exotic plant invasion
Matthew R. R. Loeser, Yakima Valley Community College, Thomas D. Sisk, Northern Arizona University, Tim Crews, Prescott College, Andrea E. L. Redman, Western Ag Innovations, Inc.

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