Tuesday, August 7, 2007: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
Blrm Salon II, San Jose Marriott
COS 28 - Interspecific competition
8:00 AMOutcomes of competition when organisms integrate over different spatial scales and implications for clonal plant communities
Antonio J. Golubski, Michigan State University, Katherine L. Gross, Michigan State University, Gary G Mittelbach, Michigan State University
8:20 AMCompetition and integration in a clonal woody shrub
William L. Duval, University of Georgia, Rebecca R. Sharitz, University of Georgia
8:40 AMThe contrasting roles of growth and architectural traits for plant performance in monocultures and mixtures
Radka Wildova, University of Michigan, Deborah E. Goldberg, University of Michigan, Tomas Herben, Institute of Botany
9:00 AMDoes relatedness predict the intensity of competition between plants? A hierarchical test with six coexisting Asteraceae
Michael Stastny, Cornell University, Anurag A. Agrawal, Cornell University
9:20 AMPlant competitive interactions in an overlapping depletion zone
Amit Chakraborty, University of California, Riverside, Bai-Lian Li, University of California, Riverside
9:40 AMBreak
9:50 AMSoil community feedbacks modify competition in an old-field model system
Thomas H. Pendergast IV, University of Pittsburgh, Walter P Carson, University of Pittsburgh
10:10 AMIndirect effects of UV-B radiation on larval amphibian competition across an elevation gradient
Tiffany S. Garcia, Oregon State University, Rebbecca Hill, Oregon State University, Andrew R. Blaustein, Oregon State University
10:30 AMInterference or exploitation? Competitive interactions among native and invasive Mytilus spp
Jenna L. Shinen, University of California Davis, Steven G. Morgan, University of California Davis
10:50 AM Coexistence of species via a trade-off between colonization and competitive abilities: New theoretical insights
Vincent Calcagno, University of Montpellier, Nicolas Mouquet, University of Montpellier, Philippe Jarne, CNRS, Patrice David, CNRS

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