Tuesday, August 7, 2007: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
Almaden Blrm II, San Jose Hilton
COS 33 - Population dynamics and regulation: Plants
8:00 AMPredicting habitat models of six rare montane plant taxa of northern California
Mark W. Schwartz, University of California - Davis, John N. Willliams, University of California - Davis, Julie K. Nelson, US Forest Service, Susan Erwin, US Forest Service
8:20 AMA hierarchical Bayesian model of time-since-fire effects on the demography of the Florida scrub endemic, Dicerandra frutescens ssp frutescens (Lamiaceae)
Margaret E. K. Evans, Ecole Normale Superieure, Kent E. Holsinger, University of Connecticut, Eric S. Menges, Archbold Biological Station
8:40 AMThe role of seed limitation and microsite trait in seedling establishment: Harvester ants and fire alter recruitment of perennial forbs in a semi-arid savanna
Nancy Nicolai, Texas A&M University, Fred E. Smeins, Texas A&M University
9:00 AMShrubland patchiness succession in mesic versus arid Mediterranean sites
Orna Reisman-Berman, Bar-Ilan University, Moshe Shachak, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Zalmaen Henkin, Agricultural Research Organization, The Volcani Center Bet Dagan, Ronen Kadmon, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
9:20 AMVascular plant metapopulation dynamics and metacommunity structure within prairie-like forest openings in southern Illinois
Michael K. Delong, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, David J. Gibson, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
9:40 AMBreak
9:50 AMClimatic and biotic stochasticity: Disparate causes of convergent demographies in rare, sympatric plants
Laurel R. Fox, University of California
10:10 AMSeven millennia of population dynamics in a high-altitude population of bristlecone pine
Adelia Barber, University of California Santa Cruz, Thomas Harlan, University of Arizona, Tucson, Roderick Bale, University of Wales Swansea
10:30 AMPopulation dynamics and environmental variation across the geographic range of a California annual plant
Monica A. Geber, Cornell University, Vincent M. Eckhart, Grinnell College, David A. Moeller, University of Minnesota, Peter Tiffin, University of Minnesota, Emily C. Looney, Cornell University, Indrani Singh, Grinnell College, Allison Louthan, Grinnell College
10:50 AMA 19-year study of the Mead's milkweed (Asclepias meadii): Insights on detection of individual plants and on population ecology
Helen M. Alexander, University of Kansas, Norman A. Slade, University of Kansas, W. Dean Kettle, University of Kansas, G. L. Pittman, University of Kansas
11:10 AMDendroecology of two liana species in an old-growth floodplain forest in South Carolina, USA
Bruce P. Allen, Ohio State University, P. Charles Goebel, The Ohio State University, Rebecca R. Sharitz, University of Georgia

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