Wednesday, August 8, 2007: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
Santa Clara II, San Jose Hilton
COS 96 - Restoration ecology in riparian habitats: Case studies and methods II
1:30 PMUsing species distribution models to predict stream fish restoration potential
Matthew W. Diebel, University of Wisconsin, Jeffrey T. Maxted, University of Wisconsin, M. Jake Vander Zanden, University of Wisconsin
1:50 PMEffects of a tributary confluence on riverbed environments and macroinvertebrate assemblages in the areas downstream of dams
Izumi Katano, Public Works Research Institute, Hideyuki Doi, University of Washington, Junjiro N Negishi, Public Works Research Institute, Tomoko Minagawa, Public Works Research Institute, Yuichi Kayaba, Public Works Research Institute
2:10 PMAssessment of rangeland drought mitigation improved by Castor canadensis impounded water
Marla Striped Face-Collins, Sitting Bull College/United Tribes Technical College, Carol Johnston, South Dakota State University
2:30 PMUsing beaver dams to restore degraded streams in semi-arid environments
Michael Pollock, NOAA Fisheries, Chris Jordan, NOAA Fisheries, Tim Beechie, NOAA Fisheries
2:50 PMDeveloping restoration strategies for channelized headwater streams within a central Ohio watershed
Peter C. Smiley Jr., USDA-ARS, Kevin W. King, USDA-ARS, Norman R. Fausey, USDA-ARS
3:10 PMBreak
3:20 PMTearing down dams, rebuilding rivers
Jane C. Marks, Northern Arizona University
3:40 PMRestoration of agricultural land to riparian buffer in the upper Green River watershed of Kentucky
Ouida W. Meier, Western Kentucky University, Albert J Meier, Western Kentucky University, Scott Grubbs, Western Kentucky University, Stephen Kenworthy, Western Kentucky University
4:00 PMAlternative strategies for the restoration of floodplains in the middle Ebro river (NE Spain)
Francisco A. Comin, Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología-CSIC, Alvaro Cabezas, Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología-CSIC, Mattia Trabucchi, Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología-CSIC, Mercedes García, Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología-CSIC, Eduardo González, Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología-CSIC, Belinda Gallardo, Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología-CSIC, Maria González, Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología-CSIC
4:20 PMProfessional restoration with school children: The STRAW Project (Students and Teachers Restoring A Watershed)
John J. Parodi, The Bay Institute

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