Monday, August 3, 2009 - 1:50 PM

COS 5-2: Eco-orgo: Organismal biology as a catalyst for education and research in the ecological sciences

Rachel Muir, U.S. Geological Survey


The rapidly emerging discipline of evo-devo (evolutionary biology and developmental biology) provides an analogy and perhaps  a model for how ecology can progress by connecting or-reconnecting and combining with organismal biology.  Ecological research and education would benefit from more effective integration with disciplines such as animal and plant physiology, taxonomy (both molecular genetics and taxonomy), animal and plant behavior and conservation biology.  


This presentation explores trends and potential future changes in pedagogy, information and data sharing as well as changes in educational and science institutions that can facilitate linking ecology and the organismal sciences.  New approaches are needed to address critical areas of research such as the relationship between biodiversity and rapid climate change.