Tuesday, August 4, 2009: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
Grand Pavillion III, Hyatt
COS 28 - Habitat Structure, Fragmentation, and Connectivity I
8:00 AMUse of shallow lakes by arctic grayling in summer: growth or refuge
Chris Luecke, Utah State University, Cody R. Johnson, Utah State University
8:20 AMTrade-offs between nutrient and predator effects in human-modified habitats
Clifton B. Ruehl, Florida International University, Joel C. Trexler, Florida International University
8:40 AMA conceptual framework to study the effects of habitat structure on diversity of benthic assemblages
Miguel G. Matias, School of Biological Sciences - The University of Sydney, A.J. Underwood, School of Biological Sciences - The University of Sydney, R.A. Coleman, School of Biological Sciences - The University of Sydney, D.F. Hochuli, The University of Sydney
9:00 AMEmergent properties of fragmentation when edge effects are extrapolated over complex landscapes
Leslie Ries, University of Maryland, Thomas D. Sisk, Northern Arizona University
9:20 AMCANCELLED - Edge effects in modified habitats: Brood parasitism and predation on nests of the rufous-and-white wren in an agroforest landscape in Nicaragua
Melissa M. Mark, State University of New York Stony Brook
9:40 AMBreak
9:50 AMLandscape matrix mediates avian community stability in fragmented tropical forests in Jamaica
Christina M. Kennedy, University of Maryland, Evan H. Campbell Grant, US Geological Survey, Patuxent Wildlife Research Center/ MEES Program, University of Maryland, College Park, Maile C. Neel, University of Maryland, William F. Fagan, University of Maryland, Peter Marra, Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center
10:10 AMPollinator diversity and abundance in a fragmented oak-savannah ecosystem
Lisa A. Neame, Simon Fraser University, Elizabeth Elle, Simon Fraser University
10:30 AMThe effect of forest fragmentation on biodiversity and species composition of forest regeneration in the Central Amazon
Elaine R. Hooper, Yale University, Douglas C. Daly, The New York Botanical Garden, Pierre Legendre, Université de Montréal, Mark S. Ashton, Yale University
10:50 AMPredicting the locations of breeding pools to assess landscape connectivity for a rare amphibian
William R. Fields, North Carolina State University, Matthew C. Simon, University of North Carolina
11:10 AMCommunity and ecosystem-level interactions within fragmented mussel beds
César O. Largaespada, McGill University, Frédéric Guichard, McGill University, Philippe Archambault, Université du Québec à Rimouski

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