Thursday, August 6, 2009: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
Grand Pavillion III, Hyatt
COS 111 - Pollination
1:30 PMNectar cardenolides: A comparative study across the Asclepias series Incarnatae
Jessamyn S. Manson, University of Toronto, Sergio Rasmann, Cornell University, Rayko Halitschke, Cornell University, Anurag A. Agrawal, Cornell University
1:50 PMPollinators in managed ecosystems: Factors influencing diversity
Kristen A. Baum, Oklahoma State University, Benton W. Shriver, Oklahoma State University
2:10 PMLocal species diversity and pollen limitation in a California vernal pool endemic
Risa D. Sargent, University of Ottawa, Nancy C. Emery, Purdue University, Steven W. Kembel, University of Oregon, David D. Ackerly, University of California, Berkeley
2:30 PMFur versus feathers:  Pollen delivery by bats and hummingbirds, and consequences for pollen production
Nathan Muchhala, University of Toronto, James D. Thomson, University of Toronto
2:50 PMEvidence for gene flow between transgenic virus resistant Cucurbita pepo and its wild relative Cucurbita argyrosperma sororia: Pollen competitive ability, hybrid vigor and ecological risk in the center of origin of squash species
Mauricio Quesada, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México,,, Rogelio Cruz, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Gumersindo Sanchez, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México,,
3:10 PMBreak
3:20 PMAn invasive shrub facilitates pollination and reproductive success of a native herb over a small spatial scale
Amy M. McKinney, The Ohio State University, Karen Goodell, The Ohio State University
3:40 PMGenetic structure and gene flow of Dryobalanops aromatica, an emergent tree species in a tropical rainforest in Sarawak, Malaysia
Satoshi Nanami, Osaka City University, Sylvester Tan, Sarawak Forestry Corporation, Bibian Diway, Sarawak Forestry Corporation, Akira Itoh, Osaka City University, Takuo Yamakura, Osaka City University
4:00 PMMass flowering crops may distort pollinator-plant interactions
Tim Diekötter, Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Franziska Peter, Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Taku Kadoya, University of Tokyo, Frank Jauker, Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Volkmar Wolters, Justus-Liebig University, Giessen
4:20 PMComparing historic and contemporary plant-pollinator interaction networks to investigate the effects of climate change and invasive species
Laura A. Burkle, Washington University in St. Louis, Tiffany M. Knight, Washington University in St. Louis
4:40 PMPollination systems: Measuring specialization in the genus Oenothera
Kyra Krakos, Washington University, Peter H. Raven, Missouri Botanical Garden

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