Tuesday, August 4, 2009: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
Grand Pavillion I, Hyatt
COS 43 - Habitat Structure, Fragmentation, and Connectivity II
1:30 PMPatch shape, not corridors, determines levels of herbivory and plant fitness in an experimentally fragmented forest
Daniel M. Evans, University of Washington, Nash E. Turley, University of Washington, Joshua J. Tewksbury, University of Washington
1:50 PMHabitat patch shape, not connectivity, affects dynamics of plant disease in fragmented landscapes
Brenda L. Johnson, North Carolina State University
2:10 PMCANCELLED - The effects of urban habitat fragmentation on grasshopper species richness
Jeffrey L. McClenahan, University of Colorado at Boulder, Dr. Cesar R Nufio, University of Colorado at Boulder
2:30 PMEffects of tidal wetland invertebrate export on juvenile salmon diets and growth potential in connected habitats
Christopher D. Eaton, University of Washington, Charles A Simenstad, University of Washington
2:50 PMForest pattern, structure, and age characteristics as a long-term legacy of harvesting: A case study over Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Margaret E. Andrew, Canadian Forest Service, Michael A. Wulder, Canadian Forest Service, Joanne C. White, Canadian Forest Service, Nicole E. Seitz, Canadian Forest Service, Nicholas Coops, University of British Columbia
3:10 PMBreak
3:20 PMThe influence of habitat management and landscape features on gene flow in the yellowbelly racer (Coluber constrictor flavientris) in the tallgrass prairie
Page E. Klug, Kansas State University, Samantha Wisely, Kansas State University, Kimberly With, Kansas State University
3:40 PMThe socio-ecology of dying trees: cavity nesting birds, hazard trees, and declining urban forest canopies
Paige S. Warren, University of Massachusetts, Brian Kane, University of Massachusetts, Charles H. Nilon, University of Missouri, Susannah B. Lerman, University of Massachusetts, Rachel Levine, University of Massachusetts
4:00 PMWhere mountain lions roam in Arizona
Kerry L. Nicholson, University of Arizona, Paul R. Krausman, University of Montana, Ted McKinney, Arizona Game and Fish Department
4:20 PMExperimental restoration of tropical connectivity: context and preconditions
Henry F. Howe, University of Illinois-Chicago, Yuliana Urincho-Pantaleon, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos, Marines de la Peña-Domene, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Cristina Martinez- Garza, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos

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