Sunday, August 1, 2010: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
327, David L Lawrence Convention Center
WK 5 - How Ecological Scientists Can Participate in Regional Environmental Policy
While the Ecological Society of America successfully works to inform policy at the national level, there is great opportunity for ESA members across the United States to participate in regional environmental policy efforts. In particular, ESA chapters and sections could be excellent vehicles to help facilitate the ecological community’s participation in regional decision-making. Interested ESA chapters and sections could create regionally-based teams of ecological experts, modeled after ESA’s national-level Rapid Response Team (RRT). Regional RRTs would focus activities on state and regional levels and would include interactions with government, non-governmental organizations, industry representatives, citizen groups, and other stakeholders. Examples of involvement could include providing scientific expertise to a state governor on a particular issue; serving as a science advisor on a citizen group; or submitting a letter-to-the-editor on a timely issue. There could also be cases where a regional RRT would interact with the home office of a federal Representative (or Senator) on ecological issues important to their respective state. This interactive session will supply participants with the information necessary to work on regional environmental issues with other stakeholders, including policymakers, industry, and citizen groups. Scientists and others experienced in this arena will share tips with participants on how to effectively partner with other stakeholders in addressing regional environmental issues. Attendees will also participate in a regional collaboration exercise to get a feel for achieving goals while working with diverse stakeholders. All participants will receive materials designed to guide participants in regional policy involvement.
Organizer:Nadine Lymn, Ecological Society of America
Co-organizer:Piper Corp, Ecological Society of America

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