OOS 4 - Understanding Threats to Wildland Stewardship

Monday, August 8, 2011: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
14, Austin Convention Center
Organizer: Nancy E. Grulke
Moderator: Nancy E. Grulke
Wildlands are increasingly impacted by the combined effects of uncharacteristic wildfire frequency or severity, insect outbreaks, pathogens, invasives (including GMO inclusions), changing air chemistry and warming, and anthropogenic disturbances. Understanding and managing for these changes requires knowledge, integrative models, and cooperation among institutions and agencies at the landscape level. This organized oral session will highlight current understanding of interactive abiotic and biotic threats to wildlands, and will present innovative approaches to detecting change and long term stewardship of wildlands.
1:30 PM
Direct and indirect effects of climate change on bark beetle outbreaks 
Barbara Bentz, USDA Forest Service; James A. Powell, Utah State University; Jacques Régnière, Canadian Forest Service; Jeffrey A. Hicke, University of Idaho; Stephen Seybold, Pacific Southwest Research Station
1:50 PM
Climate change and forest diseases: Patterns of action
Susan J. Frankel, USDA Forest Service; Rona N. Sturrock, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service
2:30 PM
GM organisms and wildlands:  Genes will flow, so what should managers know?
David E. Harry, Oregon State University; Richard Cronn, USDA Forest Service
2:50 PM
Global comparisons of anthropogenic threats to conservation of grass-shrub and forest vegetation
Kurt Riitters, USDA Forest Service; James D. Wickham, US Environmental Protection Agency; Timothy G. Wade, US Environmental Protection Agency; Peter Vogt, European Commission – Joint Research Centre
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
Forest tree species range shifts under two alternative GCM/scenario climate change forecasts
William Hargrove, USDA Forest Service, Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center; Kevin Potter, North Carolina State University; Frank Koch, North Carolina State University
3:40 PM
Maximizing wildfire mitigation with fuel reduction treatments while minimizing forest carbon losses
John Campbell, United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service; Alan A. Ager, USDA Forest Service; Mark E. Harmon, Oregon State University
4:00 PM
Influence of climate and weather on observed spatiotemporal patterns of mountain pine beetle outbreaks in Washington and Oregon
Haiganoush K. Preisler, US Forest Service; Jeffrey A. Hicke, University of Idaho; Alan A. Ager, USDA Forest Service; Jane L. Hayes, USDA Forest Service
4:20 PM
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