WK 32 - Shaping the future: how students can set a precedent for Planetary Stewardship--FREE

Tuesday, August 9, 2011: 11:30 AM-1:15 PM
19A, Austin Convention Center
Organizer: Jenny Talbot
Co-organizers: Naupaka Zimmerman , Andréa L. Kuchy and Jorge Ramos Jr.
One of the most important issues that the world faces today is the need to develop an ethic of planetary stewardship, both within the scientific community and among the public. The Ecological Society of America student body is in a unique position to promote planetary stewardship broadly because we have the power to establish the future directions of ecological research, as well as the future standards for ecological literacy in the U.S. and abroad. Many ecology students do not incorporate planetary stewardship into their thesis/dissertation research and developing careers. Among ESA students, 41% participate in some form of stewardship activity outside of their research, and only 26% use their experience and knowledge to educate the public about stewardship. The goal of this workshop is to develop strategies for ESA students to engage in planetary stewardship and set an example in stewardship that will shape future lifestyles in America and abroad. In this workshop, we will (i) discuss the most practical ways for ESA students to engage in planetary stewardship and (ii) develop ideas for how to promote planetary stewardship among non-ecologists. A panel of students who have successfully engaged the public in stewardship will present their success stories in 5-10 minute presentations. The workshop attendees will then break out into small groups and develop strategies for setting an example in planetary stewardship for the public. The groups will reconvene to synthesize their ideas into an editorial for submission EcoTone, the ESA blog.
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