COS 89 - Biogeochemistry: Experimental Climate Change Effects on Biogeo Processes

Thursday, August 11, 2011: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
5, Austin Convention Center
8:00 AM
Making and interpreting high precision ecosystem oxidative ratio measurements
Caroline A. Masiello, Rice University, Houston, TX; Morgan E. Gallagher, Rice University; William C. Hockaday, Baylor University
8:20 AM
Sampling slam: High spatial-resolution surface-water sampling in streams reveals patterns in groundwater chemistry and hydrology
Paul Mayer, USEPA, National Health and Environmental Research Laboratory, Corvallis OR; Curtis Cooper, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Kenneth J. Forshay, United States Environmental Protection Agency; Sujay S. Kaushal, University of Maryland; Dorothy Merritts, Franklin and Marshall College; Gwen Sivirichi, University of Maryland; Robert Walter, Franklin and Marshall College
8:40 AM
Identifying mechanisms controlling the coupling between photosynthesis and soil respiration under control and drought conditions using a 13CO2 canopy pulse labeling
Matthias Barthel, ETH Zurich; Albin Hammerle, University of Innsbruck; Patrick Sturm, Empa; Lydia Gentsch, ETH Zurich; Alexander Knohl, Bioclimatology group, Georg-August-University Göttingen
9:00 AM
The impacts of a reduced winter snowpack on soil respiration in a mixed-deciduous northern forest
Andrew B. Reinmann, Boston University; Pamela H. Templer, Boston University
9:20 AM
When wet gets wetter: Soil moisture and decreased redox potential constrain greenhouse gas fluxes from a humid tropical forest soil
Steven J. Hall, University of California-Berkeley; Whendee Silver, University of California
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Is drought mortality in Eucalypts caused by carbon starvation or hydraulic failure: the influence of elevated CO2 and temperature
Melanie Zeppel, Macquarie University; James D. Lewis, Fordham University; Brian Chazsar, University of Arizona; Renee Smith, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, University of Western Sydney, Richmond NSW 2753, Australia; David T. Tissue, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, University of Western Sydney, Richmond NSW
10:10 AM
Extreme stoichiometry: Nutrient limitation and fertilization in polar desert soils
Becky A. Ball, Arizona State University at the West Campus; Ross A. Virginia, Dartmouth College; Byron J. Adams, Brigham Young University; John E. Barrett, Virginia Polytechnic and State University; Diana H. Wall, Colorado State University
10:50 AM
Drought constraint on leaf gas-exchange in co-occurring Juniperus monosperma and Pinus edulis facing three different precipitation regimes
Jean-Marc Limousin, University of New Mexico; Robert E. Pangle, University of New Mexico; Enrico A. Yepez, University of New Mexico; Kent E. Coombs, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Lee T. Hill, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Amanda L. Boutz, University of New Mexico; Nathan Gehres, University of New Mexico; Nathan G. McDowell, Los Alamos National Laboratory; William T. Pockman, University of New Mexico
11:10 AM
Impact of decade-time scale plant community change on tundra ecosystem function near Barrow Alaska
Mark Lara, University of Texas at El Paso; Sandra Villarreal, University of Texas at El Paso; David R. Johnson, University of Texas at El Paso; Patrick J. Webber, Michigan State University; Craig E. Tweedie, University of Texas at El Paso
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