OOS 18 - Making a Difference Outside Academia: Non-Governmental Organization and Agency Contributions to Earth Stewardship

Tuesday, August 7, 2012: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
B110, Oregon Convention Center
Michelle McClure, NOAA Fisheries Service
Jeff Bash, NOAA; and Katie Watson, NOAA
Jeff Bash, NOAA
Both non-governmental organizations and government agencies are engaged in efforts to improve and implement earth stewardship programs. In this session, we present current and ongoing conservation programs developed by these organizations that are novel in approach, scientifically-based, and operate within existing regulatory, economic and legal structures. Speakers will discuss a range of programs that have been developed to address impacts on a variety of ecosystems. We will also explore how NGOs and agencies use science to inform the development of their stewardship efforts. We will conclude the session with a discussion of the experimental and adaptive strategies used by agencies and NGOs to improve long-term sustainability of our natural systems.
1:30 PM
 Using ecosystem services to inform decisions at multiple scales of governance
Anne Rea, US EPA; Henry A. Walker, US EPA; Jane L. Copeland, US EPA; Dorothy Q. Kellogg, University of Rhode Island
1:50 PM
 Collaborating with the fishing industry to improve sustainability of West Coast groundfish
Kate Labrum, The Nature Conservancy; Mary Gleason, The Nature Conservancy; Michael Bell, The Nature Conservancy; Matt Merrifield, The Nature Conservancy; Steve Rienecke, The Nature Conservancy; Jono R. Wilson, UCSB
2:10 PM
 Incorporating climate change into Endangered Species Act decisions: Case studies from aquatic systems
Roger Griffis, NOAA Fisheries Service; Michelle McClure, NOAA Fisheries Service; Erin Seney, NOAA Fisheries Service
2:30 PM
 Does biological diversity of neighboring habitat control reintroduction success of endangered species?
Thomas N. Kaye, Institute for Applied Ecology; Katie Jones, National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON, Inc.); Ian A. Pfingsten, Institute for Applied Ecology
3:10 PM
3:40 PM Cancelled
 USAID, science, climate change, and development
Kit Batten, U.S. Agency for International Development
4:00 PM
 Collaborating with stakeholders to define land-use scenarios that inform landscape simulations in Massachusetts, USA
Jonathan R. Thompson, Harvard University; Kathleen Fallon Lambert, Harvard Forest (Harvard University); David R. Foster, Harvard University
4:20 PM
 Solutions for deforestation-free commodities
Calen C. May-Tobin, Union of Concerned Scientists; Douglas H. Boucher, Union of Concerned Scientists; Eric Decker, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Glenn Hurowitz, Climate Advisers; Jeremy Martin, Union of Concerned Scientists; Kranti Mulik, Union of Concerned Scientists; Sarah Roquemore, Union of Concerned Scientists; Alexandra Stark, Climate Advisers
4:40 PM
 Making vegetation model projections usable by managers
Dominique M. Bachelet, Conservation Biology Institute and Oregon State University; David Conklin, Conservation Biology Institute; Ken Ferschweiler, Conservation Biology Institute
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