COS 76
Invasion: Prevention And Management

Wednesday, August 7, 2013: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
L100G, Minneapolis Convention Center
1:30 PM
 Spatial prioritization for management of Andropogon gayanus (Gamba grass) invasions: accounting for social, economic and environmental values
Vanessa M. Adams, Charles Darwin University; Samantha A. Setterfield, Charles Darwin University
1:50 PM
 Distinct root and shoot responses to simulated mowing and fertility in a grassland invasion
Vasiliki G. Balogianni, University of Regina; Scott D. Wilson, University of Regina; Brenda M. Vaness, Western Ag Innovations, Inc.; Andrew S. MacDougall, University of Guelph; Brad D. Pinno, University of Alberta
2:10 PM
 What managers want from invasive species research--and what they actually get
Virginia Matzek, Santa Clara University; Sophia Cresci, Santa Clara University; Maile Pujalet, Santa Clara University
2:30 PM
 Using ecological data to determine the best management practices for controlling the invasive aquatic plant, flowering rush
Michelle D. Marko, Concordia College; John D. Madsen, Mississippi State University; Ryan Smith, Concordia College; Ryan M. Wersal, Mississippi State University
3:00 PM Cancelled
 Disentangling drivers of tree population size class distributions
Duane A. Peltzer, Landcare Research; Robert B. Allen, Landcare Research; Peter J. Bellingham, Landcare Research; Sarah J. Richardson, Landcare Research; Elaine Wright, Department of Conservation; Phil Knightbridge, Department of Conservation; Norman W. H. Mason, Landcare Research
2:50 PM
3:20 PM
 Reducing geographic spread of invasive earthworms
David A. Andow, University of Minnesota
3:40 PM
 Effects of repeated burning on nitrogen budgets and cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) biomass and reproduction
Rachel O. Jones, University of Nevada-Reno; Jeanne C. Chambers, USDA Forest Service; Dale W. Johnson, University of Nevada, Reno; David I. Board, USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station; Robert R. Blank, USDA Agricultural Research Service
4:00 PM
 Landscape position influences resistance to Bromus tectorum invasion and short-term resilience is limited
Marques Munis, Colorado State Univeristy; Cynthia S. Brown, Colorado State University; Roy Roath, Colorado State University