COS 77
Land-Use And Land-Use History

Wednesday, August 7, 2013: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
L100H, Minneapolis Convention Center
1:30 PM
 Increasing soil methane uptake along 120-year afforestation chronosequence is driven by soil moisture
Saeed Karbin, Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Sciences, University of Zurich; David Hiltbrunner, Swiss Federal Institute of Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL),; Pascal A. Niklaus, University of Zurich
1:50 PM
 Microbial gut symbiont communities of native Bombus differ by species and not by habitat type
Daniel P. Cariveau, University of Minnesota; J. Elijah Powell, Yale University; Rachael Winfree, Rutgers University; Nancy A. Moran, University of Texas at Austin
2:10 PM
 Legacy effects on soil microbial communities in human-dominated ecosystems
Ariane L. Peralta, Indiana University; Jay T. Lennon, Indiana University
2:30 PM
 Land-use intensity in semi-natural grasslands indirectly affects arthropod diversity through changes in resource diversity or abundance
Nadja K. Hersacher, Technische Universität München; Martin M. Gossner, Technische Universität München; Thomas M. Lewinsohn, Universidade Estadual de Campinas; Markus Lange, Institute of Ecology, Friedrich-Schiller-University; Esther Pasalic, Technische Universität München; Manfred Türke, Technische Universität München; Steffen Boch, University of Bern; Jörg Müller, University of Bern; Stephanie Socher, University of Bern; Daniel Prati, University of Bern; Markus Fischer, University of Bern; Wolfgang W. Weisser, Technical University of Munich
2:50 PM
 Consequences of the armed conflict, forced human displacement, and land abandonment on forest cover change in Colombia: A multi-scaled analysis
Ana María Sánchez-Cuervo, University of Puerto Rico; T. Mitchell Aide, University of Puerto Rico
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Developing ecological sites and associated state-&-transition models to anticipate dynamic ecosystem responses to disturbance in complex landscapes of North Central Pennsylvania
Alex W. Ireland, The Pennsylvania State University; Paul A. Roth, The Pennsylvania State University; Michael A. Marsicano, The Pennsylvania State University; Patrick J. Drohan, The Pennsylvania State University
3:40 PM
 Spatially explicit ecological consequences of human land-use for specialist herbivores and their parasitoids
Amanda E. Nelson, University of Iowa; Andrew A. Forbes, University of Iowa
4:00 PM
 Life history predicts recovery rate from past land use in southern Appalachian salamanders
Grant M. Connette, University of Missouri; Raymond D. Semlitsch, University of Missouri
4:40 PM
 Future development risk: Projected global impacts by energy and mining on terrestrial biomes
Christina M. Kennedy, The Nature Conservancy; James Oakleaf, The Nature Conservancy; Paul West, University of Minnesota; James Gerber, University of Minnesota; Joseph Kiesecker, The Nature Conservancy