PS 23
Restoration Ecology

Tuesday, August 6, 2013: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall B, Minneapolis Convention Center
 Factors influencing the establishment and survival of native hardwood tree seedlings of the Kentucky Inner Bluegrass blue ash-oak savanna-woodland
James D. Shaffer, University of Kentucky; Scott K. Gleeson, University of Kentucky; John J. Cox, University of Kentucky; John M. Lhotka, University of Kentucky
 Further battles with the green giant: a comparison of factors critical to reed canarygrass control in herbaceous vs. forested wetlands
Meredith A. Thomsen, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse; Nathan R. De Jager, United States Geological Survey; Michael Merriman, University of WI-La Crosse; Benjamin J. Cogger, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
 Monitoring of restored vegetation in the wetlands of Wolf Lake, Hammond, Indiana
Rachel Nicole Shmagranoff, Purdue University Calumet; Samantha Kinsman, Purdue University Calumet; Eric JE Bird, Purdue University Calumet; Jazmin Garcia, Duke University; Young D. Choi, Purdue University Calumet
 Ecological assessment of a restored tallgrass prairie in Minnesota
Pamela M. Kittelson, Gustavus Adolphus College; Mary Patterson, Gustavus Adolphus College; Michael Howe, Gustavus Adolphus College
 Species diversity, primary production, decomposition, and soil carbon sequestration in a restored prairie, a cool-season grass pasture, and an old field
Samantha Kinsman, Purdue University Calumet; Rachel Schmagranoff, Purdue University Calumet; Eric JE Bird, Purdue University Calumet; Young D. Choi, Purdue University Calumet
 Long-term restoration assessment of historic tallgrass prairie at Spirit Mound: Changes in vegetation composition 12 years post-restoration
Alice Millikin, University of South Dakota; Meghann E. Jarchow, University of South Dakota; Karen Olmstead, Salisbury University; Mark Dixon, University of South Dakota
 Mycotrohic prairie plants demonstrate fungal specific growth responses
Liz K. Koziol, Biology, Indiana University; James D. Bever, Indiana University
 Biochar has mixed effects on prairie restoration
Lori Biederman, Iowa State University; W. Stanley Harpole, Iowa State University
 Ecological and social value of wetland restoration programs on privately owned land in Northern New York
Catherine E. Benson, Clarkson University; Tom A. Langen, Clarkson University; Rick Welsh, Syracuse University
 The contribution of soil aggregates to carbon sequestration in restored urban grasslands
Jenifer Yost, Lake Forest College; Corey E. Palmer, Northwestern University; Louise Egerton-Warburton, Chicago Botanic Garden
 Ectomycorrhizal community recovery following exotic species invasion and restoration in an oak woodland
Robert D. Hevey Jr., Northwestern University; Louise Egerton-Warburton, Chicago Botanic Garden
 Relating plant spatial patterning, biodiversity, ecosystem function, and management practices in experimental restored wetlands
Erika C. Brandt, Oberlin College; John E. Petersen, Oberlin College; Jake J. Grossman, University of Minnesota; George A. Allen, Oberlin College; David H. Benzing, Oberlin College
 The effect of planting date and irrigation on the establishment of an herbaceous community in an arid, post-agricultural system
Courtney Dolores Hall, University of Denver; Perry E. Cabot, Colorado State University; Martin F. Quigley, University of Denver; Richard Sparks, Natural Resources Conservation Service
 Evaluating the impact of culvert designs on hydrologic connectivity and nutrient uptake in Northern Wisconsin streams
James C. Olson, Michigan Technological University; Amy M. Marcarelli, Michigan Technological University; Anne Timm, USDA Forest Service; Sue L. Eggert, University of Georgia; Randall K. Kolka, USDA Forest Service
 An evaluation of Illinois grassland restoration success based on ecosystem function
Roxane Krutsinger, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville; Kurt E. Schulz, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
 Seed germination rates of the invasive vine Humulus japonicus
Jonathan Clark, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville; David Israelitt, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville; Kurt E. Schulz, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
 Loss and recovery of aquatic biodiversity across spatial scales following application of rotenone
Elizabeth G. Biro, Washington University in StL; Muxi Yang, Washington University in St. Louis; Lauren M. Woods, Washington University; Kevin G. Smith, Washington University in St. Louis
 The ghosts of glades past: mycorrhizal interactions in degraded and restored dolomite glades
Alice G. Tipton, University of Missouri; Candace Galen, University of Missouri-Columbia
 A Comparison of Diversity Metrics in Grasslands
William J. Sluis, Trine University; Marlin L. Bowles, The Morton Arboretum
 Quantified approach for habitat assessment to improve prescribed fire in longleaf pine and related restoration efforts for gopher tortoises
Sharon M. Hermann, Auburn University; John S. Kush, Auburn University; John C. Gilbert, Auburn University; Craig Guyer, Auburn University
 Plant community response to exotic tree removal in western watersheds
Hisham El Waer, University of Denver; Anna A. Sher, University of Denver; Robert M. Anderson, University of Denver; Katie Merewether, University of Denver
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