PS 9
Biogeochemistry: Biogeo Patterns Along Environmental Gradients

Monday, August 5, 2013: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall B, Minneapolis Convention Center
 More reduction in plant productivity than respiration under extreme drought across grassland types along a rainfall gradient: A modeling analysis
Zheng Shi, University of Oklahoma; Yiqi Luo, University of Oklahoma; Alan K. Knapp, Colorado State University; Melinda D. Smith, Colorado State University; Scott L. Collins, University of New Mexico; Will Pockman, University of New Mexico
 Environmental controls on nutrient dynamics in a longleaf pine forest: How do soil moisture and fire interval affect plant-available nutrients?
Cari D. Ficken, Duke University; Gregory M. Ames, Duke University; Steve Anderson, Duke University; Matthew G. Hohmann, US Army Corps of Engineers ERDC - CERL; Justin Wright, Duke University
 Inter-annual variation in precipitation affects the spatial heterogeneity of soil CO2 efflux in a West Virginia watershed
Jeff Atkins, University of Virginia Dept. of Environmental Sciences; Howard E. Epstein, University of Virginia; Daniel L. Welsch, Canaan Valley Institute
 Synergistic soil response to nitrogen plus phosphorus fertilization in hardwood forests
Shinjini Goswami, Miami University of Ohio; Melany C. Fisk, Miami University of Ohio; Tera J. Ratliff, Miami University; Ruth D. Yanai, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
 Biological controls of aquatic nitrogen fixation rates in a northern california stream ecosystem
Anika R. Bratt, University of Minnesota; Jacques C. Finlay, University of Minnesota; J.R. Welter, St. Catherine University; Jackelyn B. Goldschmidt, St. Catherine University
 When the manure hits the land: Carbon sequestration potential of organic matter amendments to California annual grasslands
Justine J. Owen, University of California Berkeley; Whendee L. Silver, University of California, Berkeley
 Changes in physical and chemical soil characteristics and their impact on soil CO2 efflux during secondary succession
Stesha L. Dunker, University of Virginia; Howard E. Epstein, University of Virginia; Aaron L. Mills, University of Virginia
 Soil texture mediates nitrogen losses from intensifying agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa
Maya Almaraz, Brown University; Katherine L. Tully, Columbia University; Cheryl Palm, Agriculture and Food Security Center, The Earth Institute, Columbia University; Stephen Porder, Brown University; Christopher Neill, Marine Biological Laboratory
 Do increased N inputs influence rates of soil N cycling in high-elevation red spruce (Picea rubens Sarg.) forests along a gradient of atmospheric deposition?
Justin M. Mathias, West Virginia University; Kenneth R. Smith, West Virginia University; Brenden E. McNeil, West Virginia University; William T. Peterjohn, West Virginia University; Richard B. Thomas, West Virginia University
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