PS 43
Urban Ecosystems

Wednesday, August 7, 2013: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall B, Minneapolis Convention Center
 Spatial and temporal patterns of stream burial and its effect on habitat connectivity across headwater stream systems of the Potomac River Basin, USA
Roy E. Weitzell Jr., University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science; Steven M. Guinn, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science; Andrew J. Elmore, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
 Assessment of beach access paths on dune vegetation and implications for dune path planning and management
Kelly Grant Purvis, College of Charleston; Courtney J. Murren, College of Charleston; Seth G. Pritchard, College of Charleston; Joel M. Gramling, The Citadel; Kevin Keenan, College of Charleston
 Native vegetation on a high altitude green roof: A biodiversity study
Kyle Edward Bolenbaugh, University of Wyoming; Gregory K. Brown, University of Wyoming
 Characterizing hydrologic alterations following urbanization through time and across space among U.S. cities
Kristina G. Hopkins, University of Pittsburgh; Nathaniel Morse, University of New Hampshire; Rose Smith, University of Maryland; Daniel J. Bain, University of Pittsburgh; Neil D. Bettez, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies; Nancy Grimm, Arizona State University; Jennifer L. Morse, Portland State University; Monica Palta, Arizona State University
 Spatial variability of airborne pollen across New York City
Kate R. Weinberger, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University; Guy S. Robinson, Fordham University
 Community assembly and connectivity along an urban river system
Myla F.J Aronson, Rutgers University; Manisha V. Patel, Harvard University; Karen O'Neill, Rutgers University
 Effects of suspended sediment and colored dissolved organic matter on response of phytoplankton to nutrient loading in an urban, freshwater estuary
Lauren M. Reuss, University of St Thomas; Gaston E. Small, University of St. Thomas; Luke C. Loken, University of Wisconsin; Jacques C. Finlay, University of Minnesota
 Does urbanization increase nitrogen availability for Dalmatian toadflax?
Bryson Newell, Gonzaga University; John Kunthara, Gonzaga University; Gary C. Chang, Gonzaga University
 Effects of urbanization on avian diversity across North America
Adeline C. Murthy, The University of New Mexico; Trevor S. Fristoe, The University of New Mexico; Joseph R. Burger, The University of New Mexico
 Native tree seedlings exhibit greater mortality in urban forests across an anthropogenic land use gradient
Benjamin T. Connor Barrie, University of Michigan; Iñes Ibáñez, University of Michigan
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