COS 52
Seed Production, Dispersal, And Predation

Tuesday, August 12, 2014: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
Beavis, Sheraton Hotel
1:30 PM
 The secondary dispersal of forest herb seeds in raccoon feces
Eric C. Niederhauser, Ohio University; Glenn R. Matlack, Ohio University
1:50 PM Cancelled
 Survival of pioneer plant seeds in tropical forest soils – results of a 20-year study
K. Greg Murray, Hope College; J. Mauricio Garcia-C., Organización para Estudios Tropicales; Kathy A. Winnett-Murray, Hope College
2:10 PM
 Individual and neigborhood effects on tropical tree pollination
Antonio R. Castilla, University of Texas, Austin; Shalene Jha, University of Texas at Austin; Nathaniel S. Pope, University of Texas, Austin
2:30 PM
 Resource allocation and acorn production in an evergreen oak shrub (Quercus vacciniifolia)
Kyle A. Funk, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Johannes M. H. Knops, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2:50 PM
 Endogenous resource dynamics drive sugar maple masting and maple syrup production
Joshua M. Rapp, Tufts University; Elizabeth E. Crone, Tufts University
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Shrub expansion into coastal grasslands: Seed dispersal and environmental filters determine patterns of invasion
Benjamin L. Dows, Virginia Commonwealth University; Donald R. Young, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
3:40 PM
 Does sexual reproduction limit treeline ecotone expansion in the circumpolar north?
Carissa D. Brown, Memorial University; Stéphane Boudreau, Université Laval; Genevieve Dufour Tremblay, Université Laval; Karen Harper, Dalhousie University; Gregory H.R. Henry, University of British Columbia; Luise Hermanutz, Memorial University; Annika Hofgaard, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research; Ludmila Isaeva, Russian Academy of Sciences; Ryan Jameson, Memorial University; G. Peter Kershaw, University of Alberta; Steven D. Mamet, University of Saskatchewan; Andrew Trant, University of Victoria; Xanthe Walker, University of Saskatchewan; Jill F. Johnstone, University of Saskatchewan
4:20 PM
 Ecological filters constrain recruitment in four introduced annual plants in a California grassland
Erica N. Spotswood, UC Berkeley; Pierre Mariotte, University of California Berkeley; Katharine N. Suding, University of California at Berkeley
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