COS 51
Restoration Ecology I

Tuesday, August 12, 2014: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
315, Sacramento Convention Center
1:50 PM
 Effects of prescribed burning and thinning on composition and function of the ectomycorrhizal fungal community in an oak woodland
Ann L. Rasmussen, University of Mississippi; J. Stephen Brewer, University of Mississippi; Colin R. Jackson, University of Mississippi; Jason D. Hoeksema, University of Mississippi
2:10 PM
 Cascading effects of mountain pine beetle outbreak: Pine seedling survival is reduced in beetle-killed stands
Gregory J. Pec, University of Alberta; Justine Karst, University of Alberta; Suzanne W. Simard, University of British Columbia; James F. Cahill Jr., University of Alberta
2:30 PM
 The effects of tallgrass prairie restoration on native bee communities
Rebecca K. Tonietto, Northwestern University & Chicago Botanic Garden; Daniel J. Larkin, Chicago Botanic Garden
2:50 PM
 Biocrust mosses from diverse localities exhibit plastic response to watering and may be successfully cultivated ex situ
Kyle D. Doherty, Northern Arizona University; Matthew Bowker, Northern Arizona University; Nancy C. Johnson, Northern Arizona University; Anita J. Antoninka, Northern Arizona University; Troy Wood, U.S. Geological Survey
3:10 PM
3:40 PM
 Restoration of degraded rangelands in southern California: Testing techniques on a landscape scale
Megan Lulow, Irvine Ranch Conservancy; Sarah Kimball, UC Irvine; Quinn Sorenson, Irvine Ranch Conservancy; Kathleen Balazs, Irvine Ranch Conservancy; Travis E. Huxman, University of California, Irvine
4:00 PM
 Competition between exotic grasses and native forbs: the role of soil resources in mediating restoration success in an upland prairie in Oregon’s Willamette Valley
Briana Lindh, Willamette University; Madeline McClelland, Willamette University; Anna Freitas, Willamette University
4:20 PM
 Plant abundance, diversity, and composition following reclamation in Alberta’s oil sands
Timothy M. Sobey, Lakehead University; Han Y. H. Chen, Lakehead University
4:40 PM
 Morphological and physiological characteristics of the Siberian elm (Ulmus pumila L.) along the precipitation and aridity gradient in northeast Asia
Go Eun Park, Korea Forest Research Institute; Don Koo Lee, Seoul National University; Ki Woo Kim, Kyungpook National University; Nyam-Osor Batkhuu, National University of Mongolia; Jamsran Tsogtbaatar, Mongolian Academy of Sciences; Jiao-jun Zhu, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Yonghuan Jin, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Hyun-Seok Kim, Seoul National University; Pil Sun Park, Seoul National University; Jung Oh Hyun, Seoul National University; Joo Han Sung, Korea Forest Research Institute
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