COS 129
Conservation Planning, Policy, And Theory II

Friday, August 15, 2014: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
309/310, Sacramento Convention Center
8:00 AM Cancelled
 Status of environmental stewardship behaviour on private land and opportunities for governmental conservation programs in Ontario, Canada
Zachary S. M. Bogdon, University of Waterloo; Michael Drescher, University of Waterloo; G. Keith Warriner, University of Waterloo
8:20 AM Cancelled
 Impact of policies on coupled human and natural systems after natural disasters
Jindong Zhang, Michigan State University; Vanessa Hull, Michigan State University; Zhiyun Ouyang, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Jinyan Huang, Wolong Nature Reserve; Shiqiang Zhou, Wolong Nature Reserve; Hemin Zhang, Wolong Nature Reserve; Jack Liu, Michigan State University
8:40 AM
 Selection of conservation areas under severe uncertainty of population dynamics in future
Hiroyuki Yokomizo, National Institute for Environmental Studies; Taku Kadoya, National Institute for Environmental Studies
9:20 AM
 Missing the boat on freshwater ecosystem conservation in California
Theodore E. Grantham, University of California, Davis; Joshua H. Viers, University of California, Merced; Ryan Peek, University of California, Davis; Kurt Fesenmyer, Trout Unlimited; Jeanette K. Howard, The Nature Conservancy; Rebecca Quiñones, University of California, Davis; Eric Holmes, University of California, Davis; Andy Bell, University of California, Davis; Peter B. Moyle, University of California
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Legal barriers to effective ecosystem management: Exploring linkages between liability, regulations, and prescribed fire
Carissa L. Wonkka, Texas A&M University; William E. Rogers, Texas A&M University; Urs P. Kreuter, Texas A&M University
10:10 AM
 Shale gas surface infrastructure in Appalachia: reducing impacts through better planning
Austin Milt, University of Wisconsin; Paul R. Armsworth, University of Tennessee
10:30 AM
 Environmental policies for combining human welfare and conservation
Joanne Clavel, Université Paris 6, CNRS, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle
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