Science Matters: Lessons in Climate Policy Making from California

Thursday, August 14, 2014: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
Gardenia, Sheraton Hotel
Alexis C. Erwin, USAID/Africa Bureau
Emily T. Cloyd, US Global Change Research Program
Emily T. Cloyd, US Global Change Research Program
The interrelated environmental challenges of the 21st century, including climate change, ocean acidification, and expanding human population, offer an unprecedented opportunity to connect science with policy making. Indeed, the incorporation of ecological knowledge into the policy process has important implications for sustaining ecosystems and the services they provide. This symposium explores how science matters in state-level policy making and practice. It focuses on the influence of climate change research on policy formulation and implementation in California, and offers lessons for other states and the US as a whole. Each speaker will 1) present a recent or current California climate policy initiative that has received inputs from the ecological sciences community, and 2) examine how ecological knowledge has been incorporated into policy planning and implementation. Providing continuity throughout the symposium and a seed for discussion at the end, each speaker will also reflect on how policy engagement has impacted his/her professional development. The ultimate goal of the symposium is to increase the involvement and visibility of ecologists in the policy realm and foster positive exchange between these scientists, policymakers, and managers.
8:00 AM
 Role of climate change science in mitigation and adaptation policy making in California
Susanne C. Moser, Susanne Moser Research & Consulting & Stanford University
9:00 AM
 Multi-stakeholder advocacy on climate change and agriculture policy
Renata Brillinger, California Climate Agriculture Network
9:30 AM
9:40 AM
 Approaches to integrating climate change science and policy into water resources planning in a rapidly evolving environment
John T. Andrew, California Department of Water Resources; Erin Chappell, California Department of Water Resources
10:10 AM
 Science-based decision making for California oceans and coasts
Aaron McGregor, California Ocean Science Trust; Liz Whiteman, California Ocean Science Trust; Erin Meyer, California Ocean Science Trust
10:40 AM
 Embedding scientists in legislatures
Alexis C. Erwin, USAID/Africa Bureau
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