PS 40

Tuesday, August 11, 2015: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Baltimore Convention Center
 Mean-field dispersion induced spatial synchrony, oscillation and amplitude death, and temporal stability in an ecological model
Partha Sharathi Dutta, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar; Tanmoy Banerjee, University of Burdwan; Anubhav Gupta, Indian Institute of Science Education & Research Kolkata
 The effects of frequency specificity of environmental noise on ecological synchrony
Serj Danielian, University of California, Riverside; Dr. Robert A. Desharnais, California State University, Los Angeles
 Habitat conservation alters the settling pattern but not its influence on the reproduction of Mallard
Qing Zhao, Colorado State University; Scott Boomer, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
 Estimation of leaf area index, leaf angle distribution and clumping index with hemispherical photography: Comparison of different algorithms
Weimin Wang, Shenzhen Environmental Monitoring Center; Lijun Yang, Shenzhen Environmental Monitoring Center; Hong Liang, Shenzhen Environmental Monitoring Center
 Comparing hypotheses about missed burrows in gopher tortoise line transect surveys: Bayesian distance analysis with data augmentation
Bryan L. Nuse, University of Georgia; Clinton T. Moore, U.S. Geological Survey; Jeffrey Hepinstall-Cymerman, University of Georgia; Matt Elliott, Georgia Department of Natural Resources
 Differential effects along a stressor gradient cause nonlinear B-EF relationships
Frederik De Laender, University of Namur; Jason R. Rohr, University of South Florida; Francesco Pomati, Eawag: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology; Carlos J. Melian, Swiss Federal Institute of Science and Technology
 Does the size-density relationship developed for bamboo species conform to the self-thinning rule?
Guohua Liu, Nanjing Forestry University; Peijian Shi, Nanjing Forestry University; G. Geoff Wang, Clemson University; Fusheng Wang, Nanjing Forestry University
 Synergistic effects of climate change and grazing on net primary production in Mongolia: Integrating livestock population dynamics into an ecosystem model
Shree R.S. Dangal, Auburn University; Hanqin Tian, Auburn University; Chaoqun Lu, Auburn University; Shufen Pan, Auburn University; Neil Pederson, Harvard University; Amy E. Hessl, West Virginia University
 Buffering of modeled terrestrial extreme water-carbon response from nitrogen cycle
Yuanyuan Huang, University of Florida IFAS; Stefan Gerber, University of Florida IFAS
 Accounting for dispersal and habitat use when estimating survival of a migrant songbird
Grant M. Connette, University of Missouri; Rebecca Peak, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources; Frank R. Thompson III, USDA Forest Service
 Building a community root module with built-in functions from the Community Land Model
Yang Xu, University of Tennessee; Dali Wang, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Cindy Yao, University of Tennessee; Colleen M. Iversen, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
 Sensitivity of land-atmosphere fluxes to biogeophysical and biogeochemical parameters in the Community Land Model
Jiafu Mao, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Dan M. Ricciuto, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Xiaoying Shi, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
 Assessing environmental controls on biomass in grasslands using an eco-hydrologic model
Julian J. Reyes, Washington State University; Jennifer C. Adam, Washington State University; Christina L. Tague, University of Calfornia, Santa Barbara
 Modeling terrestrial carbon and water dynamics across climatic gradients: Does plant trait diversity matter?
Christoforos Pappas, ETH Zurich; Simone Fatichi, ETH Zurich; Paolo Burlando, ETH Zurich
 Microbe-mineral competitive interactions control soil organic carbon turnover
Xudong Zhu, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Jinyun Tang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; William J. Riley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Matthew Wallenstein, Colorado State University
 Mapping the potential extent of native plant communities in Minnesota: Linking land use with ecosystem function
Seth Fore, University of North Dakota; Michael J. Hill, University of North Dakota
 How what you don’t know affects what you do know: Exploring an application of a linear inverse modeling uncertainty analysis on network models
David E Hines, University of North Carolina Wilmington; Stuart R. Borrett, University of North Carolina Wilmington
 Sensitivity of tropical forest carbon and energy fluxes to Community Land Model parameters
Dan M. Ricciuto, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Jiafu Mao, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
 Estimating water/carbon exchange of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) plantations across a gradient of climates in southeast US
Bruce B Souza, University of Georgia; Robert Teskey, University of Georgia; Lisa J. Samuelson, Auburn University; Stan Bartkowiak, Auburn University
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