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Aquatic Ecology: Lakes And Ponds

Monday, August 10, 2015: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Baltimore Convention Center
 Hypoxia tolerance of Bythotrephes longimanus and Leptodora kindtii
Michael L. Sorensen, University of Minnesota Duluth; Donn K. Branstrator, University of Minnesota Duluth
 Interactions among invasive species in lakes: A mesocosm experiment
Adrienne R. Gemberling, Missouri State University; John E. Havel, Missouri State University
 Asexual reproduction and distribution of Adirondack bladderworts
Rebecca A. Urban, Lebanon Valley College; Matthew E. Dwyer, Lebanon Valley College
 Reducing algal blooms in Dream Lake: Algal and zooplankton seasonal dynamics indicate combined response to food web manipulation and winter kill event
Carrie E.H. Kissman, St. Norbert College; Cole Brennan, St. Norbert College; Kristin L. Kniech, St. Norbert College; James R. Hodgson, St. Norbert College
 The effect of leaf litter species on vernal pool invertebrates and communities
Colleen Cosgrove, Kent State University; DeShawn J. Johnson, Kent State University; Ferenc A. de Szalay, Kent State University
 Effects of competition and predation on zooplankton community composition: Evidence from the field and the laboratory
Leif K. Hembre, Hamline University; August Henneck, Hamline University; Gardea Simoke, Hamline University
 The ecosystem effects of fish introduction and the recovery from acid rain: A story of fish and macrophytes
Valerie Stanson, SUNY New Paltz; Bryan S. Krebs, SUNY New Paltz; Bobbetta Davis, SUNY New Paltz; Matthew Farragher, SUNY New Paltz; David C. Richardson, SUNY New Paltz; John Thompson, Mohonk Preserve; Angela Chen, SUNY New Paltz; Erich Stern, SUNY New Paltz
 Nutrient limitation in southwestern Greenlandic lakes
Zachary Taylor Wood, Dartmouth College; Jessica V. Trout-Haney, Dartmouth College; Kathryn L. Cottingham, Dartmouth College
 Effects of Metriocnemus knabi predation on bacterivorous ciliates in Sarracenia purpurea pitchers
D. Liane Cochran-Stafira, Saint Xavier University; Jeries al-Sahoury, Saint Xavier University
 Providing potable water from algal filtration: The frontiers of sustainability in your backyard
Malcolm A. Barnard, University of Georgia; Alan P. Covich, University of Georgia; James W. Porter, University of Georgia; Susan B. Wilde, University of Georgia
 Secondary contact and pre-zygotic isolating mechanisms between anadromous and freshwater fish populations
Katherine A. Littrell, Yale University; Eric P. Palkovacs, University of California, Santa Cruz; David M. Post, Yale University
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