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Aquatic Ecology: Streams And Rivers

Monday, August 10, 2015: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Baltimore Convention Center
 Variation in animal-mediated nutrient cycling across a flood-disturbance gradient in Colorado mountain streams
Carla D. López-Lloreda, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras; Alexander S. Flecker, Cornell University; Erin I. Larson, Cornell University; Keeley L. MacNeill, Cornell University; Carla Atkinson, University of Alabama; LeRoy Poff, Colorado State University; Steven Thomas, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
 Human impacts on riverine carbon fluxes in the Mekong-Tonle Sap river system
Hyojin Jin, Ewha Womans University; Chhengngunn Aing, Royal University of Phnom Penh; Zongta Sang, Royal University of Phnom Penh; Eliyan Chae, Royal University of Phnom Penh; Eun-Ju Lee, Seoul National University; Neung-Hwan Oh, Seoul National University; Ji-Hyung Park, Ewha Womans University
 Vertical movement of the endangered James Spinymussel (Pleurobema collina) in response to floods at different temperatures and substrates
Dorottya K. Boisen, James Madison University; Alaina C. Esposito, James Madison University; Dakota M. Kobler, James Madison University; Katie M. Sipes, James Madison University; Christine L. May, James Madison University
 Tracing sources of riverine CO2 evasion in a densely populated and dammed river system
Tae Kyung Yoon, Ewha Womans University; Hyojin Jin, Ewha Womans University; Most Shirina Begum, Ewha Womans University; Borami Park, Ewha Womans University; Ji-Hyung Park, Ewha Womans University
 Decay of leaves and macroalgae and their relation to detrital food webs
Megan E. Grandinetti, Western Kentucky University; Scott A. Grubbs, Western Kentucky University; Albert J. Meier, Western Kentucky University; Delaney Rockrohr, Western Kentucky University
 Near-bed current velocity structures a benthic community across an elevation gradient in an Andean mountain stream
Todd Wellnitz, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire; Florencia Fernández Campón, IADIZA - CONICET; Erica Scheibler, IADIZA - CONICET
 Effects of widespread trace chemicals on aquatic and riparian communities in the Portage River watershed
Nadejda Mirochnitchenko, Bowling Green State University; Melanie Marshall, Bowling Green State University; Kevin E. McCluney, Bowling Green State University
 Aquatic biodiversity around Wildsumaco Biological Station, Ecuador
Jeff Steinmetz, Francis Marion University; Ann Stoeckmann, Francis Marion University; Verónica Crespo-Pérez, PUCE; Taryn Anabelly Ghia Quezada, PUCE
 Determining water sources for summer stream flow and riparian plants in an arid grassland using stable isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen
Camille McNeely, Eastern Washington University; Carmen A. Nezat, Eastern Washington University; Adam D. Gebauer, Eastern Washington University
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