COS 122
Food Webs I

Thursday, August 13, 2015: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
323, Baltimore Convention Center
1:30 PM
 Physics, body size, and the structure of food webs
Sebastien M. J. Portalier, McGill University; Mehdi Cherif, University of Umea; Gregor F. Fussmann, McGill University; Michel Loreau, Station d'Ecologie Expérimentale du CNRS à Moulis
1:50 PM
 Pushing ecological networks over the edge: Hypergraph topology of trait-mediated effects
Antonio J. Golubski, Kennesaw State University; Erik E. Westlund, Kennesaw State University; John H. Vandermeer, University of Michigan
2:10 PM
 Fish introductions and light availability modulate food web fluxes in tropical streams: A stable isotope tracer approach
Sarah Collins, Michigan State University; Rana W. El-Sabaawi, University of Victoria; Thomas Heatherly II, University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Brad Lamphere, North Carolina State University; Antoine OHC Leduc, Universidade Federal da Bahia; Andrés López-Sepulcre, University of California, Riverside; Keeley L. MacNeill, Cornell University; Steven Thomas, University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Alexander S. Flecker, Cornell University
2:30 PM
2:50 PM
 Effects of primary producer stoichiometry and carnivore ontogeny on aquatic food chain efficiency
Amber M Rock, Miami University; Luke J Ginger, Miami University; Michael J Vanni, Miami University; María J. González, Miami University
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Precipitation alters interactions among multiple trophic levels in a semi-arid food web
Nicolas Deguines, University of California Berkeley; Justin Brashares, University of California Berkeley; Laura R. Prugh, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
3:40 PM
 Assessing the impacts of trait evolution in ecological food webs
Peter C. Zee, California State University, Northridge; Casey P. terHorst, California State University, Northridge; Sebastian J. Schreiber, University of California
4:00 PM
 Resource partitioning through flexible foraging results in modular plant-pollinator interaction networks
Brian J. Spiesman, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Claudio Gratton, University of Wisconsin - Madison
4:40 PM
 The evolution of ecosystem organisation
Katharina Brinck, Imperial College; John Harte, University of California; Henrik J Jensen, Imperial College
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