IGN 7-8 - All of life's experiences count when you are the director of a biological field station

Thursday, August 11, 2016
316, Ft Lauderdale Convention Center
Hilary Swain, Archbold Biological Station, Venus, FL
Qualifications include: Scientific mother tongue; PhD essential for credibility, but must be happy with role as facilitator of science rather than in-depth scientific pursuits; Ability to synthesize the big picture; Experiential knowledge as important as science background—mine includes toilet cleaner, barmaid, married to engineer resulting in lifetime apprenticeship for old house restoration and offshore sailing, raised 2 children, and traveled extensively when young and broke; Entertaining storyteller and great listener; Revel in stress as captain of the ship; Confidently undertake things for which you are eminently unqualified; Willing administrator; Constant ambassador with Antennae always up; Enduring energy.