IGN 21-2 - Correlating drought conservation practices and drought vulnerability in a tropical agricultural system

Thursday, August 10, 2017
C123, Oregon Convention Center
Nora Álvarez-Berríos, Sandra A. Soto-Bayó, Eva Holupchinski and William Gould, Caribbean Climate Hub, USFS
Agricultural productivity and contribution to the economy have been declining in Puerto Rico for the last several decades. Eighty percent of food is imported and 1% of the GDP comes from agriculture. Countering this trend is a recent revival of the agricultural sector. This growth faces challenges posed by changing climate. A recent drought affected 60% of the country with losses over $20 million. USDA conservation practices aim to minimize the effects of drought and mitigate future crises. We assess coincidence of incentives and practices with drought-prone areas to determine whether practices are applied where they are most needed.