PS 22 - Education: Pedagogy

Tuesday, August 8, 2017: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Oregon Convention Center
 Using ecology to teach bioinformatics: Novel connections between disciplines
Stephen Piccolo, Brigham Young University; Richard A. Gill, Brigham Young University
 First-year Students as Scholars: Engaging students in authentic research their first semester in college improves retention in STEM
Cheryl Swift, Whittier College; Stephen D. Davis, Pepperdine University; Lee B. Kats, Pepperdine University; Jay Brewster, Pepperdine University; Rodney L. Honeycutt, Pepperdine University; Sylvia Vetrone, Whittier College; Hector Valenzuela, Whittier College
 Using classroom-based undergraduate research to enhance student learning while examining global change
Amy E. Boyd, Warren Wilson College; Jennifer Rhode Ward, University of North Carolina at Asheville; Alisa A. Hove, Warren Wilson College; David Clarke, University of North Carolina at Asheville; Zack Murrell, Appalachian State University; Howard S. Neufeld, Appalachian State University; Jonathan L. Horton, University of North Carolina at Asheville; Anna Hiatt, Eastern Tennessee State University
 Increasing ecological literacy in non-science majors: evaluating the reliability of sources
Mary Beth Kolozsvary, Siena College; Jean C. Mangun, Siena College
 From Rochester to Malmö: An international cross-institutional urban ecology course
Elizabeth N. Hane, Rochester Institute of Technology; Karl F. Korfmacher, Rochester Institute of Technology
 Building an inclusive K-12 STEM inquiry program through field-based research apprenticeships and school programs in Arizona
Rebecca Lipson, University of Arizona; Benjamin W. Blonder, University of Oxford; R. Keating Godfrey, University of Arizona; Alan Strauss, University of Arizona
 Lichen-associated micro-organisms as subjects of course-based undergraduate research in community ecology
Jessica R. Coyle, Stanford University; Po-Ju Ke, Stanford University; Tadashi Fukami, Stanford University
 Designing undergraduate biology curricula to teach skills and knowledge for data-intensive environmental research
Sam Donovan, University of Pittsburgh; Anna K. Monfils, Central Michigan University; Alison Hale, Carnegie Museum of Natural History; Hayley Orndorf, University of Pittsburgh
 STEM immersion field trips – training high school teachers and students to ask focused research questions
S.M. Arlidge, University of Calgary, Biogeoscience Institute; S.L. Poirier Hollander, University of Calgary, Biogeoscience Institute
 Strengths and strategies for incorporating long-term research projects into the undergraduate curriculum: lessons from the EREN-DATIS project
Tracy B. Gartner, Carthage College; Carolyn L. Thomas, Ferrum College; Kevin Geedey, Augustana College; Kim Bjorgo-Thorne, West Virginia Wesleyan College; Jeffrey A. Simmons, Mount St. Mary's University; Kathleen L. Shea, St. Olaf College; Jerald Dosch, Macalester College; Craig R. Zimmermann, Rogers State University
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