PS 47 - Behavior

Thursday, August 10, 2017: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Oregon Convention Center
 Evidence for multiple modes of nest site selection in a riverine brook trout population
Keith J. Fritschie, Dartmouth College; Benjamin H. Letcher, US Geological Survey, SO Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center; Kathryn L. Cottingham, Dartmouth
 Nest defense behavior as a factor of nearest neighbor in Buteo plagiatus 
Maya R. Stahl, University of Arizona; Abby Gritis, University of Arizona; Ariana La Porte, University of Arizona; Robert W. Mannan, University of Arizona
 Variation in oviposition behavior: Phenotypic plasticity or local adaptation?
Lina M. Arcila Hernández, Cornell University; Anurag A. Agrawal, Cornell University
 The influence of changing rainfall, parental traits, and nest traits on parental care in a tropical bird
Sarah N. Brannon, University of Wyoming; Corey E. Tarwater, University of Wyoming
 Habitat selection, home range size, and survival of female Bachman’s sparrows in the longleaf pine ecosystem
Daniel Y. Choi, North Carolina State University; Alex C. Fish, North Carolina State University; Christopher Moorman, North Carolina State University; Chris DePerno, North Carolina State University; Jessica M. Schillaci, Directorate of Public Works
 Buteo plagiatus alarm call rates in relation to chick ages
Abby Gritis, University of Arizona; Maya R. Stahl, University of Arizona; Ariana La Porte, University of Arizona
 Vertical tunneling performance of tawny crazy ants under varying soil compositions
Robert Chapa, Texas A&M University; Jocelyn R. Holt, Texas A&M University; Raul F. Medina, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Texas A&M University
 Testing methods for tracking monarch butterfly movement with radio telemetry
Kelsey E. Fisher, Iowa State University; James Adleman, Iowa State University; Steven Bradbury, Iowa State University
 Modeling the consequences of reduced migratory propensity for host-parasite interactions
Richard J. Hall, University of Georgia; Leone M. Brown, University of Georgia; Sonia Altizer, University of Georgia
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