PS 7 - Biogeochemistry: New Paradigms In Biogeochem Cycling

Monday, August 7, 2017: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Oregon Convention Center
 The relationship between release of organic nitrogen and carbon by exoenzymes in forest depends on the soil organic matter
Mark D. Coleman, University of Idaho; Alan Talhelm, University of Idaho; Shan Shan, Miami University of Ohio
 Salt marsh sediment 15N "push-pull" assays reveal coupled sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon cycling
Suzanne M. Thomas, Marine Biological Laboratory; Jane Tucker, Marine Biological Laboratory; Stefan Sievert, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Francois Thomas, CNRS- Station Biologique de Roscoff; Zoe G. Cardon, Marine Biological Laboratory; Anne E. Giblin, Marine Biological Laboratory
 Do microbial communities drive the rate and distribution of nitrogen into different soil organic matter pools?
Lauren C. Breza, University of New Hampshire; Joerg Schnecker, University of New Hampshire; Timothy M. Bowles, University of New Hampshire; A. Stuart Grandy, University of New Hampshire
 Fungal loops may transfer N among biocrusts biological constituents
Zachary T. Aanderud, Brigham Young University; Alexander Taylor, Brigham Young University; Nan Wu, Key Laboratory of Biogeography and Bioresource in Arid Land; Yuanming Zhang, Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Jayne Belnap, U.S. Geological Survey
 A comparison of approaches for estimating the stable carbon isotopic composition of respired CO2 at the ecosystem scale
Max Burnham, California State University, East-bay; Ankit Srinivas, California State University, East-bay; Patty Oikawa, California State University, East Bay
 Nitrogen input inventory in the Nooksack-Fraser Valley: Key component of an international nitrogen management study
Jiajia Lin, US National Research Council; Jana E. Compton, US EPA, NHEERL, Western Ecology Division; Jill Baron, US Geological Survey; Donna Schwede, US EPA; Shabtai Bittman, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; David Hooper, Western Washington University; Peter M. Kiffney, NOAA; Peter Homann, Western Washington University; Nichole Embertson, Whatcom Conservation District; Barb Carey, Washington Department of Ecology; Heather MacKay, FHB Consulting Services Inc.; Robert Black, US Geological Survey; Gary Bahr, Washington State Department of Agriculture; John A. Harrison, Washington State University Vancouver; Eric A. Davidson, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
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