COS 69 - Remote Sensing And Image Analysis III

Tuesday, August 8, 2017: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
B114, Oregon Convention Center
1:30 PM
 Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to sample and remotely sense aquatic ecosystems
Amy J. Burgin, University of Kansas; Keunyea Song, University of Kansas; Carrick Detweiler, University of Nebraska Lincoln; Ajay Shankar, University of Nebraska Lincoln; Austin Song, University of Kansas; Shawyan Ahmadian, University of Kansas
1:50 PM
 Transparency, completeness, consistency, and accuracy of the REDD+ national forest monitoring systems: Effects of different scientific and policy factors
Brian A Johnson, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies; Hiromitsu Samejima, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies; Masayuki Kawai, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies; Kazuo Matsushita, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies; Ikuko Matsumoto, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies; Yasuo Takahashi, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies; Sana Okayasu, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
2:10 PM
 A new tool for analysis and visualization of heterogeneous soil moisture data
Alison G. Boyer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Rupesh Shrestha, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2:30 PM
 Spatial analysis of freshwater lake cyanobacteria blooms, 2008-2011
Amber R. Ignatius, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; S. Thomas Purucker, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Kurt L. Wolfe, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Mike O. Galvin, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Blake A. Schaeffer, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; John M. Johnston, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2:50 PM Cancelled
 Developing a remote sensing-based index for assessing fire severity in central hardwood forests of the southern Appalachians
Diane M. Styers, Western Carolina University; Isaac T. Hayes, Western Carolina University; Alexander J. Percival, Western Carolina University; Peter C. Bates, Western Carolina University
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Quantifying phenology metrics from Great Basin plant communities and their relationship to seasonal water availability
Keirith A. Snyder, USDA Agricultural Research Service; Bryce L. Wehan, University Nevada Reno; Justin L. Huntington, Desert Research Institute
4:00 PM
 Camera-fishing: A novel method to estimate density from remote underwater video
Juan Sebastián Vargas Soto, University of Toronto Scarborough; Rowshyra A. Castañeda, University of Toronto Scarborough; Nicholas E. Mandrak, University of Toronto; Péter K. Molnár, University of Toronto
4:20 PM
 Studying Serengeti wildebeest from space: A multi-scale approach for studying the behavioral ecology of group living vertebrates in the wild
Lacey Hughey, UC Santa Barbara; Colin J. Torney, University of Glasgow; J. Grant C. Hopcraft, University of Glasgow; Benezeth Mutayoba, Sokoine University of Agriculture; Dmitry Fedorov, University of California, Santa Barbara; B.S. Manjunath, University of California, Santa Barbara; Tom W. Bell, University of California, Los Angeles; Douglas J. McCauley, University of California at Santa Barbara
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