COS 189 - Population Dynamics: Modeling II

Friday, August 11, 2017: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
D138, Oregon Convention Center
8:00 AM
 Food webs without the food: Interaction-neutral community models reveal biotic interactions
David A. Lytle, Oregon State University; David M. Merritt, US Forest Service Watershed, Fish, and Wildlife; Jonathan D. Tonkin, Oregon State University; Julian D. Olden, University of Washington; Lindsay V. Reynolds, US Forest Service Watershed, Fish, and Wildlife; Laura E. McMullen, Oregon State University; Patrick DeLeenheer, Oregon State University
8:20 AM Cancelled
 Mild stress cues can create trans-generational plasticity and alter population dynamics in fluctuating environments
Stephen R. Proulx, University of California; Snigdhadip Dey, L'École Normale Supérieure; Thiago Guzella, L'École Normale Supérieure; Henrique Teotónio, L'École Normale Supérieure
8:40 AM
 Cross-feeding gives rise to multiple stable states and promotes species coexistence in a microbial community
Zepeng Sun, Michigan State University; Simon M. Stump, Michigan State University; Thomas Koffel, Michigan State University; Ghjuvan Grimaud, Michigan State University; Christopher, A. Klausmeier, Michigan State University
9:20 AM
 Allelopathy drives species coexistence in phytoplankton microcosms
Aldo Barreiro, Cornell University; Shovonlal Roy, University of Reading; Vítor V. Vasconcelos, CIIMAR
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Life history drivers of salmon hatchery contributions to harvest versus natural-area spawning
William H. Satterthwaite, NOAA Fisheries; Raziel Joseph Davison, University of California, Santa Barbara
10:10 AM
 Mapping the patterns and constraints of animal life-history strategies using the COMADRE database
Kevin Healy, Trinity College Dublin; Roberto Salguero-Gomez, University of Oxford; Yvonne M. Buckley, Trinity College Dublin
10:30 AM
 Luck or pluck: Is variation in lifetime reproductive success dominated by individual stochasticity or individual heterogeneity?
Robin E. Snyder, Case Western Reserve University; Stephen P. Ellner, Cornell University
10:50 AM
 Scaling from demography to the landscape: Predicting occurrence of a rare plant in a pyrogenic world
Eric S. Menges, Archbold Biological Station; Pedro F. Quintana-Ascencio, University of Central Florida; Stephanie M. Koontz, Archbold Biological Station; Stacy A. Smith, Archbold Biological Station; Vivienne Sclater, Archbold Biological Station
11:10 AM Cancelled
 Inbreeding depression disproportionately reduces the persistence of metapopulations in fragmented landscapes
Etsuko Nonaka, University of Helsinki; Toby Fountain, Uppsala University; Jukka Sirén, University of Helsinki; Lasse Ruokolainen, University of Helsinki; Otso Ovaskainen, University of Helsinki
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