COS 188 - Pollination IV

Friday, August 11, 2017: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
C125-126, Oregon Convention Center
8:00 AM
 Associational effects of Solidago altissima on pollinators of Solanum carolinense
Stacey L. Halpern, Pacific University; Jared Kawatani, Pacific University; David W. McNutt, Florida State University; Nora Underwood, Florida State University; Brian D. Inouye, Florida State University
8:20 AM
 Bumble bee abundance is governed by climate-driven variation in floral phenology
Jane E. Ogilvie, Florida State University; Sean R. Griffin, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory; Zachariah J. Gezon, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory; Brian D. Inouye, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory; Nora C. Underwood, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory; David W. Inouye, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory; Rebecca E. Irwin, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
8:40 AM
 Diet of hummingbirds in the California Floristic Province
Jenny Hazlehurst, University of California Riverside; Hoang Q. Vuong, University of California Riverside; Erin E. Wilson Rankin, University of California Riverside; Christopher J. Clark, University of California Riverside; Quinn S. McFrederick, University of California, Riverside; David Rankin, University of California Riverside
9:00 AM
 Bumblebee pollen foraging after wildfire
Michael P. Simanonok, Montana State University; Laura A. Burkle, Montana State University
9:20 AM
 Intersexual variation in pollen loads on a generalist hawkmoth, Hyles lineata, and its potential consequences for plant reproduction
Gordon Smith, University of Arizona; Goggy Davidowitz, University of Arizona; Ruben Alarcón, California State University Channel Islands; Daniel R. Papaj, University of Arizona; Judith L. Bronstein, University of Arizona
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Patch distribution influences pollen deposition and germination in a vernal pool plant species
Elizabeth C. Hendrickson, Portland State University; Mitchell B. Cruzan, Portland State University; Pamela G. Thompson, Portland State University
10:10 AM
 Plant-pollinator interaction networks in fragmented habitats retain structural robustness in spite of pollinator diversity loss
Keng-Lou J. Hung, University of California, San Diego; Henry J. Cen, University of California, San Diego; Adrienne Lee, University of California, San Diego; David A. Holway, University of California, San Diego
10:30 AM
 Profiling crop pollinators: Life-history traits predict habitat use and crop visitation by Mediterranean wild bees
Yael Mandelik, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Gideon Pisanty, Tel Aviv University
10:50 AM
 When it pays to cheat: Examining how generalized food deception increases male and female fitness in a terrestrial orchid
Ryan P. Walsh, The Toledo Zoological Society; Helen J. Michaels, Bowling Green State University
11:10 AM
 Causes and consequences of flowering plant species and trait variation for pathogen transmission and bumble bee health
Lynn S. Adler, University of Massachusetts; Kristen Michaud, University of Massachusetts at Amherst; Stephen P. Ellner, Cornell University; Nicholas A. Barber, Northern Illinois University; Philip C. Stevenson, University of Greenwich; Scott H. McArt, Cornell University; Rebecca E. Irwin, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
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