Wednesday, August 8, 2007

5:30 AM-7:30 AM
ESA Sunrise 5K Fun Run/Fun Walk

7:00 AM-9:00 AM
ESA Meetings Committee
ESA Publications Committee Meeting

7:00 AM-1:30 PM
FT 17 - Santa Clara Valley riparian habitat restoration

8:00 AM-11:30 AM
SYMP 10 - The assembly and disassembly of ecological networks: Restoration and conservation at multiple trophic levels
SYMP 11 - Linking physiological ecology, evolutionary biology, and functional genomics for understanding biotic responses to a changing environment
SYMP 12 - Linking ecology and restoration to societal outcomes: Living the legacy of George Brown
OOS 21 - Not-such-strange-bedfellows: Partnerships between scientists and artists enhance ecological research, art, and ecological restoration
OOS 22 - Stepping back in time: The application of historical and fossil records to recovering ecological baselines
OOS 23 - Tropical agroforestry as model systems for ecology
OOS 24 - Soil biota alteration of aboveground plant interactions
OOS 25 - Ecosystem responses to experimental warming and other global climate change factors
OOS 26 - Restoration of ecological processes: Comparing the role of plant-insect interactions in tropical and temperate systems
OOS 27 - Matrix population models: Theory and applications
COS 59 - Amphibian ecology and decline
COS 60 - Biodiversity and ecosystem function I
COS 61 - Carbon cycling: Soil processes
COS 62 - Community and metacommunity dynamics
COS 63 - Community pattern: Environmental gradients and spatial variation
COS 64 - Disease ecology: Plant pathogens and vectors
COS 65 - Ecology of fresh-water wetlands
COS 66 - Ecology of grassland habitats
COS 67 - Food webs III: Aquatic and marine systems
COS 68 - Forest communities: Pattern and dynamics
COS 69 - Herbivory: Patterns and population responses
COS 70 - Invasion: Diversity relationships
COS 71 - Invasion: Trophic relationships
COS 72 - Modeling ecosystem dynamics and climate change
COS 73 - Predation and predator-prey interactions
COS 74 - Restoration ecology in riparian habitats: Case studies and methods: I
COS 75 - Rhizoshpere: root function and root interactions
COS 76 - Sampling theory, methods, and assessment
COS 77 - Seed ecology: Production, predation, and dispersal
COS 78 - Spatial analysis and geostatistics

11:30 AM-1:15 PM
WK 21 - Bridging the worlds of science and journalism: An interactive workshop
WK 22 - Integrating educational outreach into academic research
WK 23 - Writing a "teaching philosophy" statement: Models and suggestions
WK 24 - You can count on us: Decision support tools for forest carbon management and reporting
Ecologists from Undergraduate Institutions Brown Bag Lunch
ESA Microbial Ecology Section Meeting
ESA Paleoecology Section Brown Bag Lunch
ESA Rapid Response Team Lunch
ESA Science Committe Meeting
ESA Southeastern Chapter Meeting
Gay and Lesbian Brown Bag Lunch
Putting your scientific skills to use for the public interest and environmental protection

11:45 AM-12:15 PM
Presider Training Session 3

1:30 PM-5:00 PM
SYMP 13 - Setting goals and targets for restoration and management of large-scale ecosystems
SYMP 14 - Microbial communities along environmental gradients: Linking microbial ecology and the ecosystem
SYMP 15 - Beyond Single Mechanisms: The Relative and Interactive Importance of Bottom-up and Top-down Processes in Plant Invasion
OOS 28 - Inferring environmental conditions from biological observations: Tools for environmental management
OOS 29 - Agroecological restoration: Synergy of science and community in the local and global marketplace
OOS 30 - Synthesizing ecological studies in a changing world using meta-analysis
OOS 31 - Grassland restoration: Ecosystem recovery across space and time
OOS 32 - Disease emergence and amphibian declines: Using ecology to understand patterns and promote restoration
OOS 33 - Ecological restoration for poverty reduction
OOS 34 - Ecological consequences of size-structured interactions
COS 79 - Behavioral ecology: Foraging and diet
COS 80 - Biodiversity and ecosystem function II
COS 81 - Climate change: community response
COS 82 - Community ecology: Environmental drivers plant community pattern
COS 83 - Conservation ecology and ecosystem management: Case studies I
COS 84 - Ecology and evolution of mutualism
COS 85 - Ecology of the freshwater habitats I
COS 86 - Fire ecology I
COS 87 - Food webs IV: Terrestrial systems
COS 88 - Forest canopy ecology
COS 89 - Life history theory, resource allocation, and sex allocation
COS 90 - Nitrogen cycling
COS 91 - Paleoecology, historical ecology, and restoration baselines
COS 92 - Parasites, pathogens, and hosts
COS 93 - Plant physiological ecology: Water relations
COS 94 - Plant-insect interactions
COS 95 - Population modeling III
COS 96 - Restoration ecology in riparian habitats: Case studies and methods II
COS 97 - Restoration ecology in wetlands I: Coastal and created
COS 98 - Spatial patterns: Description and analysis

4:00 PM-8:45 PM
FT 18 - Checkerspot butterfly and grassland restoration and work party at Edgewood County Park and Natural Preserve

4:30 PM-6:30 PM
University of California Press Authors Reception

5:00 PM-6:30 PM
PS 40 - Cycling - carbon
PS 41 - Cycling - nitrogen
PS 42 - Cycling - nutrients, water
PS 43 - Climate change
PS 44 - Ecosystem function
PS 45 - Ecosystem stability
PS 46 - Environment gradient
PS 47 - Modeling
PS 48 - Mycorrhizae
PS 49 - Phenotypic plasticity
PS 50 - Physiological ecology
PS 51 - Population dynamics
PS 52 - Resource allocation
PS 53 - Soil ecology
PS 54 - Succession
PS 55 - Trophic dynamics
Musicians Central

6:30 PM-8:00 PM
ESA Canada Chapter Mixer
ESA Plant Population Biology Mixer
Restoration Ecology Editorial Board Meeting
British Ecological Society Drinks Reception (by invitation only)
Brown University Environmental Change Initiative Mixer
Colorado State Univeristy Ecologists Mixer
ESA Agroecology, Applied Ecology, Long-Term Studies, and Rangeland Sections Business Meeting and Mixer
ESA Biogeosciences Mixer
ESA Diversity Mixer - SEEDS Dispersal
ESA Mexican Chapter Meeting
UC Davis Ecology Mixer
Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies Alumni/ae Reception

8:00 PM-10:00 PM
SS 25 - Everglades restoration efforts: Using landscape features, chemistry, and biology as indices of success
SS 26 - Bridging the gap: Establishing outreach activities at ESA meetings
SS 27 - ESA Southeast Knowledge Partnership Pilot Project
SS 28 - Restoration to sustainable landscapes: Building a partnership between scientific, traditional, and local ecological knowledge
SS 29 - Do scientists sound like a flock of dodos? Science communication without jargon
SS 30 - Biodiversity standards for agricultural lands in Canada
Recent Advances Lecture: Multiple feedbacks link changes in climate and ecosystems